COLOURLIVING adds Wellness to its in-store offer

COLOURLIVING, the ultimate lifestyle curation brand, has launched a new pop-up store, one with a brief to help stylishly boost the health of high end Hongkongers. 

Set within its three-storey luxury retail space in downtown Wan Chai, this new Wellness Living concept has three distinct strands – special kitchen, customised tea and indoor pool.

Its singular take on the kitchen space has been designed, first and foremost, to make food preparation a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. With high aesthetic standards never compromised in the name of convenience, it’s a carefully-curated culinary enclave with great taste it’s clear mission statement.


As for the chosen tea, the lifestyle brand has opted to incorporate Hong Kong-based Lify’s award-winning brew dispenser brand. As high-tech as it is high-end, this distinctly digital age dispenser delivers superb quality herbal tea perfectly prepared in line with your pre-programmed preferences.


The indoor bathing facility – the evocatively titled Faraway Pool – somehow summons the sheer sensuality of an al fresco immersion, with its luxury KOS tub just the perfect ablution solution for the aspirationally inclined. Mood lighting and submerged shelving are also all available on the added extras menu. 


A fascinating and most welcome addition to COLOURLIVING’S core offerings, Wellness Living takes comfort, style and personal care to a whole new level.


Autumn Furniture: 5 items to spruce up your home this fall

With the end of August all too near, the autumn season is just around the corner, bringing with it some of the most holiday-packed months for Hongkongers. In anticipation of the slew of gatherings with loved ones both near and far sure to keep you busy in the coming season, one would be wise to embrace the spirit of redecorating so that you can truly shine as the host with the most. 


autumn furniture

Those looking to impress dinner guests during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival would be well-advised to check out local lifestyle concept store COLOURLIVING‘s offerings from Italian brand Paola Lenti. Sure to brighten up any room and bring much warmth to your mooncake-munching occasions is the Ornué steel dining table. The circular top makes sharing and passing plates a breeze, while the roomy dimensions of 180cm x 73 cm are sure to help you fit the whole family.

Gubi @ Establo

autumn furniture

Hong Kong’s very own Establo is very much no smoke and all mirrors with its latest offerings from Dutch furniture maker Gubi. Helping you to reflect this autumn is the Adnet Wall Mirror, an elegant round mirror that has been trimmed with leather and solid brass to give a equestrian-inspired detailing. Offered in three separate sizes, the mirrors promise to give a touch of modern expression to any room.


autumn furniture

If you’re in a mood to make your living room a tad more luxurious – and who among us isn’t? – you could do far worse than take a protracted gambol through Giorgetti‘s latest home decor collection. Among the most attractive pieces on offer is the multicoloured and irregular geometric-patterned Kaledio carpet. Crafted with the multifaceted optical gymnastics of a kaleidoscope in mind, this lush rug has been hand-tufted in bamboo and linen silk.

Kelvin Giormani

autumn furniture

With spring cleaning now well and truly in the rear-view mirror, this may well be the perfect time to introduce a new sofa into your living space. Those looking for the last word in elegance and comfort may want to opt for the Colonna II, courtesy of Kelvin Giormani. Featuring intricate small diamond-shaped weaving, this leathercraft sofa also incorporates curved stainless steel strips that connect with the columns of the couch, giving it a stylish structure and a sustained bounce factor.


With a mind to setting a new benchmark for a truly luxurious lounging experience, Italy-headquartered Sicis has introduced the Babylon Slide side table. Finished in ebony and featuring the decorative trims punctuated with Sicis’ signature mosaics, make sure to have coasters on hand as this is one table you won’t want to stain.

Introducing: Maxalto & Azucena launched at B&B Italia Hong Kong showroom

COLOURLIVING, the city’s dedicated one-stop lifestyle concept destination, recently hosted an exclusive gathering at the B&B Italia Hong Kong showroom in Wan Chai. Under the twinkling lights of the Hong Kong evening skyline streaming through the 350sq.m venue’s 31st-floor windows, the occasion celebrated the addition of not one, but two wholly separate luxury furniture brands to the B&B Italia Group – Maxalto and Azucena.

B&B Italia Hong Kong 1

Bringing a contemporary spin to classical designs, Maxalto highlights the stylish interior furnishings crafted by renowned Italian designer Antonio Citterio. Azucena, meanwhile, will showcase a selection of timeless, one-of-a-kind creations designed by Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni, marking the brand’s debut into the Hong Kong market.

B&B Italia Hong Kong 2

Luxurious products from both brands will join B&B Italia’s already-expansive selection of impeccable indoor and outdoor furnishings, including stunning designs from such luminaries as Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola and Gaetano Pesce.

B&B Italia Hong Kong 5

In recognition of this landmark moment, Denise Lau, Chief Executive Officer of COLOURLIVING, said: “Our partnership with B&B Italia has gone from strength to strength. We are extremely honoured to be further entrusted with the exclusivity of Maxalto and Azucena of The B&B Italia Group.”

B&B Italia Hong Kong 3

B&B Italia Hong Kong Showroom. 31/F, China Online Center, 333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. (852) 2295 3612.

New Herman Miller furniture by Charles and Ray Eames at COLOURLIVING

Renowned American furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames have gifted the world with such iconic designs as the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the Molded Plastic & Fibreglass Armchair Shell and much more besides. Now, their legacy has arrived in Hong Kong courtesy of a special partnership between luxury lifestyle concept store COLOURLIVING and Herman Miller, the furniture label that has long produced Eames furniture pieces.

Eames Demetrios unveils new Herman Miller designs at Colourliving
Eames Demetrios, grandson of renowned furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames

To mark this special collaboration and the introduction of these luxury models to Hong Kong, we caught up with Eames Demetrios, grandson of the famous Charles and Ray Eames, to find out more about the legendary interior decor gurus, the legacy they’ve bequeathed upon the world, and the exciting pieces that are now available.

Herman Miller at Colourliving 3

Tell us a little bit about your grandparents, Charles and Ray Eames, and how they started their furniture business.
That’s quite a rich question. Actually, Charles was primarily trained as an architect, while Ray was a painter. Even though they’re best-known as furniture designers today, in their own minds, they were still those things first and foremost. As for why they decided to enter the furniture industry, Charles always said that architects tend to gravitate towards furniture design as it’s on a scale you can actually handle more easily. That appealed to both my grandparents, but they also wanted a way to make people’s lives better in a tangible way, and that’s how they ended up starting their furniture company.

Herman Miller at Colourliving 4

How did they end up collaborating with Herman Miller?
Actually, during WWII, Charles and Ray contributed to the war effort by mass producing leg splints for soldiers injured in battle. While it may seem a bit random, the design aspect of it was already part of their furniture studies previously, so it was a seamless transition. After the war, they started their own company after several of their designs received wide acclaim. In 1946 Herman Miller first came across their designs and suggested forming a partnership. They distributed for two years and by 1948, they were manufacturing Charles and Ray Eames designs under license. The rest is history.

Herman Miller at Colourliving 1

What sets the current Eames line of furniture for Herman Miller apart from other brands?
Well, our mission statement at the Eames Foundation is to communicate, preserve and extend the works of Charles and Ray Eames. What this means is that – with the exception of a few modern manufacturing techniques and ethical crafting practices – the products you see today are identical when they were first produced. Unlike many companies who refresh and rejuvenate their collections, we only produce the original works, which highlights the timelessness and contemporary flair of the pieces they designed all those decades ago. 

Herman Miller at Colourliving 2

Tell us about the newly-unveiled pieces that have been launched at COLOURLIVING.
I think the Eames Lounge Chair is really the single most iconic piece that we’ve introduced here. Another classic design that high-end furniture lovers will also recognise is the Eames Side Chair, which is also a classic design that high-end furniture lovers will recognise. It’s very exciting to be launching in Hong Kong, and with such a great partner like COLOURLIVING.

Thank you.

COLOURLIVING Showroom. 333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. (852) 2295 6263.

Lala Curio unveils new home decor collection at COLOURLIVING

Hong Kong’s very own luxury home decor maison, Lala Curio, partnered with COLOURLIVING, the city’s one-stop lifestyle concept store, to unveil its latest collection of vibrant, elegant, handcrafted wallpaper designs. We sat down with Laura Cheung, founder and owner of Lala Curio, to find out more about the brand’s philosophy, inspirations and intricate designs.

Laura Cheung, founder of HK-based home decor company, Lala Curio
Laura Cheung, founder of HK-based home decor company, Lala Curio

How did your passion for interior design and home decor come about?

Actually I come from three generations of specialists in home decor and decorative arts. My father’s side of the family specialises in rosewood furniture, while my mother’s family are experts in cloisonné, a rare from of Chinese craftsmanship focusing on intricate inlay work. Growing up playing with cloisonné toys and interacting with Ming dynasty rosewood furniture, I knew interior design was my goal pretty early on. I just love the theatrical side of the business, but I also love beautiful, tactile things.

Lala Curio focuses on modern Chinoiserie and artisanal handcraftsmanship

After graduating from university, though, you first entered the fashion industry…

That’s right, I did fashion event production. I was the design director and only designer of the company. It was such a hectic schedule with New York Fashion Week and then continuous corporate events and so forth. In your early 20s, it’s the perfect place to learn, but after a while I realised I wasn’t taking in anything new and that it was time for something new. That’s when I moved back to Asia and took some time off to figure out my next step.

Lala Curio wallpapers are handcrafted from silk or gold paper leaf

So that next step was Lala Curio?

Not exactly. I decided my mission was to reinvent the lost crafts of Asia, and that’s what Lala Curio is all about. But first, I wanted to travel to the specific regions where these rare craftsmen lived. My family connections within the industry really helped me out, and for a while I was just travelling the length and breadth of China to find these artisans and learn from them.

After two years of travelling, learning and sourcing products, I made my first foray into interior design at Singapore’s International Furniture Fair four years ago. I took 4,000sq.m of space, poured so much effort and money into it, and developed a completely out-of-this-world ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ showroom for all the major buyers in the world. That’s how Lala Curio was born.

Many Lala Curio home decor designs can be customised

Tell us about Lala Curio and its philosophy.

Well, the name Lala Curio is based on my childhood nickname, Lala, which also has a spirit of whimsicality, and Curio, based on an object of curiosity and also the art of curation. I think our brand encompasses all these characteristics, but most importantly, we are focused on artisanship and lost crafts.

We’re a Hong Kong-based home decor company that focuses on high-end, handcrafted products with a strong focus on Chinoiserie. We’re a bit unique in that we do everything in-house, from material sourcing to owning our own production… We also have a team wholly endowed with design know-how, from the historical to the handcraftsmanship. This really gives us the flexibility for any bespoke work our clients are looking for.  

Lala Curio tiles

What is the latest collection you’re unveiling at COLOURLIVING today?

We’ve unveiled an all-new wallpaper collection today that is very much inspired by a romantic flora-and-fauna Chinoiserie theme. For example, we’ve utilised the city’s famous bauhinia tree, replete with heart-shaped leaves, in one of our wallpaper designs. We also have our latest Pearls on Walls wallpaper that is elegant without being overpowering. We also have our Red Wall, inspired by traditional Chinoiserie techniques but transformed with a modern touch. The entire collection was designed solely for our Hong Kong clients. It’s all hand-embroidered and handmade, no machines were involved.

Thank you.

Interview: Tenzing Thondup
Images: Lala Curio

In Flux: AB Concept and Lasvit reveal FLUX lighting collection

COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle concept store, played host to the recent unveiling of the luxurious FLUX light collection. The beautiful new designs were spawned from a partnership between design powerhouse AB Concept and Lasvit, the renowned Czech glassmaking company. We sat down with AB Concept co-founders Ed Ng and Terence Ngan to find out more about these unique creations.


How did AB Concept come about?

Ed Ng: Actually Terence is a trained architect and I am an interior designer. When we met over 20 years ago, we realised we shared a lot of common interests in terms of aesthetics and designs, so we decided to partner up and start AB Concept. As an architect and interior designer, it’s a natural partnership and with our skills seamlessly complementing each other.

Is there any underlying philosophy when you’re creating a new space?

Ng: I think the biggest tenet for us is to never repeat a design twice. It’s definitely a much more challenging approach than for other designers who have a signature style, but it’s also that much more rewarding for us creatively. It really allows us to build something wholly unique and unrepeatable for every client that we take on, and it’s a strategy that’s yielded huge dividends for AB Concept.

Terence Ngan (left) and Ed Ng, Co-founders of AB Concept
Terence Ngan (left) and Ed Ng, Co-founders of AB Concept

Can you tell us a little bit about the FLUX Collection itself?

Ng: The FLUX Collection is a series of lighting fixtures designed by us in partnership with Lasvit, the famous glassblowing company. It aims to express the beauty of simplicity through nature scenery, in this case to symbolise the light reflecting off ocean waves along a sandy beach.

Terence Ngan: FLUX is not meant to illuminate a room entirely. It’s intended to set a tone to your visual experience. It’s bright enough for you to be able to navigate through a space, but dim enough to please other senses beyond the eyes.

Ng: Right now we have three designs – a tabletop lamp, a stand-alone fixture and a wall-mounted light. But it’s just the beginning. We’ll be coming out with even more designs, so watch this space…

All-new FLUX lighting collection by AB Concept and Lasvit
All-new FLUX lighting collection by AB Concept and Lasvit, now available at COLOURLIVING

How did the partnership with Lasvit come about?

Ng: We’ve been working with Lasvit for quite some time on a per-project basis. They’re renowned for being a great design partner for site, brand or project-specific initiatives, and they’ve got such a wealth of experience in creating beautiful lighting products.

One day, [Lasvit founder] Leon Jakimič said: “We’ve been working together for a while, would you like to collaborate with us for one of our collections?”, and that’s was the beginning of what eventually became the FLUX Collection. The entire process was very eye-opening. Coming from different backgrounds, AB Concept and Lasvit were able to challenge each other and come up with something that is more than the sum of our separate experiences and specialties.

Each FLUX Collection creation is unique thanks to the intricate glassblowing process
Each FLUX Collection creation is unique thanks to the intricate glassblowing process

Were there any challenges you had to overcome in designing this collection?

Ng: I think the biggest challenge was the shape of the FLUX design. In traditional glassblowing, circular or rectangular shapes are much easier to work with, but ours was neither, which meant that a unique mold needed to be created, and each piece had to be crafted by hand. It’s a very time-consuming and intricate process.

What’s more, the FLUX lights feature a very thick glass, another challenging anomaly for the Lasvit craftsmen to create. Then, of course, there’s the layer of gold and platinum within and without the design. We had develop a special process to melt only the surface of the glass, and only just enough that the metals could adhere to its surface. I can definitely say we were pushing Lasvit’s glassblowers to their very limits!

Thank you.

The all-new FLUX lighting collection can be visited at the COLOURLIVING flagship store in Wan Chai (333 Lockhart Road).

Interview by: Tenzing Thondup


Light On: Santa & Cole and COLOURLIVING unveil new lighting collection

Shining a new light in Hong Kong is Santa & Cole, a high-end lighting company birthed in Barcelona, in 1985. The Spanish company, long known for its commitment to home, office, and privately owned public space design transformation, is now bringing its beautiful designs to our beloved city in partnership with COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle concept store.

Together, Santa & Cole and COLOURLIVING aim to create gathering spaces punctuated with their impeccable lighting systems, which have been crafted by a team of over 80 designers. The expansive array of lighting systems comes with a diverse range of origins and uses, implementing an innate understanding of how each room and person requires a different touch. The collection of lights accentuates comfort with the intention of restoring brightness in the absence of sunlight, warming homes and offices during rainy and foggy days.

Babel Collection: Designed in 1971 and re-edited in 2016

Santa & Cole’s co-founder Ms. Nina Masó made an appearance at COLOURLIVING’s Wan Chai store in late November, presenting guests with information about the company’s conceptions of light and comfort through their iconic products and latest developments. Most excitingly is the introduction to the Babel Collection, which features a unique blend of porcelain and light. The delicate materials used in these products are handled only by expert craftspeople and provides homeowners with unique shapes akin to candles. 

Santa & Cole
Cesta Family – Lantern-inspired designs to spruce up your outdoor space

Among the other collections on display is the Cesta Family of lights, initially conceived as a traditional lantern intended for summer nights spent next to the coast and on the terrace. Embraced by younger families and couples, Cesta manifests creator Miguel Milá’s expert craftsmanship.

Santa & Cole
TMM Designed in 1961 and re-edited in 1986 Miguel Milá

The exquisite lamps of Miguel Milá continues with the TMM models, which illuminate serenity and functional efficiency. The TMM designs have been created to separate structure, electrical components, and shade, thus providing flexibility and ease to its user. With a philosophy that stresses modernism over futurism, Santa & Cole delivers both reason and balance to their customers, a sure choice to those who value natural lighting and calming spaces. Explore the new collections at COLOURLIVING today. 

COLOURLIVING flagship store. 333 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai. (852) 2295 6263.

Paola Lenti introduces bold new furniture collections at COLOURLIVING

On Tuesday, renowned Italian furniture label Paola Lenti hosted an exclusive party in collaboration with COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s go-to luxury lifestyle store, to introduce its latest collections. In addition to the newest additions to its outdoor selections, the event also marked the debut of the brand’s dazzling indoor designs. We spoke to Anna Lenti, Managing Director of Paola Lenti and the eponymous designer’s sister, to find out just why these fine furniture pieces have found such favour amongst the city’s elite homeowners.

Paola Lenti has long been known for its colourful outdoor furniture

You’ve had a long and varied career working in the helicopter and aerospace industries. What made you shift to join your sister at Paola Lenti?

Well, when my mother and sister first started Paola Lenti in 1994, I actually didn’t have plans to join them. Paola is a true creative free spirit, though, so when the company really began expanding and finding increasing success, they needed someone they could really trust who had the skills to oversee the commercial operations of the company. They were quite persuasive, and finally, I joined the company in 2000.

Anna Lenti (left) with Paola Lenti, founder of the eponymous luxury furniture brand
Anna Lenti (left) with Paola Lenti, founder of the eponymous luxury furniture brand

Can you tell us a little bit about Paola Lenti’s brand identity and why it’s so unique?

We are a luxury Italian furniture maker dedicated to producing only the best designs using the highest-quality materials. I think what truly sets us apart is that our company places a huge emphasis on the materials we use, because that is the starting point of every piece of furniture that we make. We actually design and create all our materials in-house, especially in terms of synthermal fabrics and textiles.

Coherence is also another core component for us. We are dedicated to working as a team so that everything we manufacture is unquestionably, undeniably Paola Lenti. It’s a philosophy we stick to even when collaborating with guest designers because we want to remain true to our brand identity.

Geometric patterns and bold colours are a hallmark of Paola Lenti furniture

In terms of aesthetic design, colour is something of a hallmark for us. I think nobody is as crazy as we are about colours. In fact, for every material we make, we have hundreds of colour options available. You can imagine it’s quite a task to oversee, but it’s definitely a great source of pride for Paola Lenti.

How did the partnership with COLOURLIVING come about?

When we first wanted to expand into Hong Kong, we were looking for a partner that would understand and share our brand philosophy. We didn’t just want a short-term collaboration but a fruitful long-term relationship. With COLOURLIVING, we found a fantastic team who were dedicated to the same ethos of delivering the very best furniture goods. We started working with COLOURLIVING three years ago, and today we have unveiled our latest 2018 collection in their wonderful showroom.

Paola Lenti introduces its first indoor collection to Hong Kong

Paola Lenti’s is debuting its first indoor collection in Hong Kong today. What led to that decision?

When we first partnered with COLOURLIVING, we focused solely on our outdoor furniture, which is something that we’ve built a very solid reputation for. But of course, Paola Lenti is focused very much on being a holistic lifestyle brand, so it made sense to follow that up with our latest indoor designs. We find that the boundaries between interior and exterior furnishings have disintegrated, with customers looking for an overarching motif throughout their homes. By having both collections available in Hong Kong, we’re offering our clients that very opportunity.

Thank you.

Interview by: Tenzing Thondup
Photos: Paola Lenti

Michael Anastassiades on FLOS Arrangements and lighting inspirations

COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s premier concept lifestyle store, played host to an exclusive showcase of contemporary, minimalist light installations – FLOS Arrangements collection. The exhibit, dubbed “Jewels after Jewels after Jewels”, highlighted these innovative FLOS lighting chandeliers’ perfect blending of the worlds of lighting and jewellery through a creative modular system crafted by renowned designer Michael Anastassiades. We sat with Anastassiades to find out more about these unique lighting designs.

Bespoke FLOS Arrangements design at Colourliving showroom

Tell us a little bit about the FLOS Arrangements collection.

Arrangements is a project very close to my heart. When I designed this collection, it was my way of giving creativity back to the user. The idea is to have a modular, DIY system with a set of basic lighting fixtures that enables buyers to have the freedom to combine it in any way they like. It’s a versatile system that can be used as single elements or even be combined to form displays that makes and divides spaces as a piece of art.


Michael Anastassiades demonstrating the FLOS Arrangements modular system
Michael Anastassiades demonstrating his FLOS Arrangements modular system

Why go for the modular set up?

I wanted people to be creative, to do something on their own and get involved. I think in this day and age, people are drawn to the unique, personal aspects of anything they buy, rather than being satisfied with any store-bought product. I also love that allows people to come up with their own designs, things that I may not even have envisioned. I think it’s important as a designer to have particular aspect of surprise to their work.

What attracts you to the geometric shapes that you’ve used in the FLOS Arrangements collection?

I’ve always been drawn to and have worked with geometric shapes and primal forms because I think within its simplicity, you can capture the essence of what something is about. You don’t really need complex shapes in order to appreciate light in its pure form.

FLOS Arrangements lighting chandeliers

What this particular line of light fixtures different from your other works?

I would say it’s more a continuation of my other geometrically-inspired works rather than a completely separate entity. Of course Arrangements can be interpreted as being more two-dimensional in their singular forms than my other designs, but when they’re interconnected, they still have that three-dimensional presence. I think what gives it a unique character is the ability to mix and match depending on the owner’s own inspirations.

How did your partnership with COLOURLIVING come about?

COLOURLIVING has a reputation for being one of the best showroom specialists, and their expertise in luxury furnishings creates the perfect foil for FLOS products. Several of the pieces in the showroom currently are bespoke creations I’ve made specially for COLOURLIVING.

Anastassiades with his FLOS Arrangements modular light fixtures

How do you see the Asian market’s evolution in terms of luxury light fixtures?

Light, for Asians, might be even more important than for markets like Europe. Light is celebrated here. What’s more, the cultures here are so fast-changing and the population has a voracious appetite for new trends, including in terms of lighting design. I think these days Asians are very much embracing modern light designs because it allows them to express their personality in a wholly different way.

Thank you.

The FLOS Arrangements exhibit will be running at the COLOURLIVING and B&B Italia showrooms until the end of October.

Interview by: Tenzing Thondup

Check out the Fun Fair Carnival Sale at Colourliving

Lifestyle curator COLOURLIVING is pepping up the summer with a special summer sale that’s on from now till the end of September. In this Fun Fair Carnival Sale, shoppers who make a make a purchase at regular price can enjoy 90% off select products of equal value to that purchase. Though the sale mainly focuses on bathroom products like tiles, bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, showers and taps, other living space furniture are available on discounted price too.