Light On: Santa & Cole and COLOURLIVING unveil new lighting collection

Shining a new light in Hong Kong is Santa & Cole, a high-end lighting company birthed in Barcelona, in 1985. The Spanish company, long known for its commitment to home, office, and privately owned public space design transformation, is now bringing its beautiful designs to our beloved city in partnership with COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle concept store.

Together, Santa & Cole and COLOURLIVING aim to create gathering spaces punctuated with their impeccable lighting systems, which have been crafted by a team of over 80 designers. The expansive array of lighting systems comes with a diverse range of origins and uses, implementing an innate understanding of how each room and person requires a different touch. The collection of lights accentuates comfort with the intention of restoring brightness in the absence of sunlight, warming homes and offices during rainy and foggy days.

Babel Collection: Designed in 1971 and re-edited in 2016

Santa & Cole’s co-founder Ms. Nina Masó made an appearance at COLOURLIVING’s Wan Chai store in late November, presenting guests with information about the company’s conceptions of light and comfort through their iconic products and latest developments. Most excitingly is the introduction to the Babel Collection, which features a unique blend of porcelain and light. The delicate materials used in these products are handled only by expert craftspeople and provides homeowners with unique shapes akin to candles. 

Santa & Cole
Cesta Family – Lantern-inspired designs to spruce up your outdoor space

Among the other collections on display is the Cesta Family of lights, initially conceived as a traditional lantern intended for summer nights spent next to the coast and on the terrace. Embraced by younger families and couples, Cesta manifests creator Miguel Milá’s expert craftsmanship.

Santa & Cole
TMM Designed in 1961 and re-edited in 1986 Miguel Milá

The exquisite lamps of Miguel Milá continues with the TMM models, which illuminate serenity and functional efficiency. The TMM designs have been created to separate structure, electrical components, and shade, thus providing flexibility and ease to its user. With a philosophy that stresses modernism over futurism, Santa & Cole delivers both reason and balance to their customers, a sure choice to those who value natural lighting and calming spaces. Explore the new collections at COLOURLIVING today. 

COLOURLIVING flagship store. 333 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai. (852) 2295 6263.