Michael Anastassiades on FLOS Arrangements and lighting inspirations

FLOS Arrangements at Colourliving

COLOURLIVING, Hong Kong’s premier concept lifestyle store, played host to an exclusive showcase of contemporary, minimalist light installations – FLOS Arrangements collection. The exhibit, dubbed “Jewels after Jewels after Jewels”, highlighted these innovative FLOS lighting chandeliers’ perfect blending of the worlds of lighting and jewellery through a creative modular system crafted by renowned designer Michael Anastassiades. We sat with Anastassiades to find out more about these unique lighting designs.

Bespoke FLOS Arrangements design at Colourliving showroom

Tell us a little bit about the FLOS Arrangements collection.

Arrangements is a project very close to my heart. When I designed this collection, it was my way of giving creativity back to the user. The idea is to have a modular, DIY system with a set of basic lighting fixtures that enables buyers to have the freedom to combine it in any way they like. It’s a versatile system that can be used as single elements or even be combined to form displays that makes and divides spaces as a piece of art.


Michael Anastassiades demonstrating the FLOS Arrangements modular system
Michael Anastassiades demonstrating his FLOS Arrangements modular system

Why go for the modular set up?

I wanted people to be creative, to do something on their own and get involved. I think in this day and age, people are drawn to the unique, personal aspects of anything they buy, rather than being satisfied with any store-bought product. I also love that allows people to come up with their own designs, things that I may not even have envisioned. I think it’s important as a designer to have particular aspect of surprise to their work.

What attracts you to the geometric shapes that you’ve used in the FLOS Arrangements collection?

I’ve always been drawn to and have worked with geometric shapes and primal forms because I think within its simplicity, you can capture the essence of what something is about. You don’t really need complex shapes in order to appreciate light in its pure form.

FLOS Arrangements lighting chandeliers

What this particular line of light fixtures different from your other works?

I would say it’s more a continuation of my other geometrically-inspired works rather than a completely separate entity. Of course Arrangements can be interpreted as being more two-dimensional in their singular forms than my other designs, but when they’re interconnected, they still have that three-dimensional presence. I think what gives it a unique character is the ability to mix and match depending on the owner’s own inspirations.

How did your partnership with COLOURLIVING come about?

COLOURLIVING has a reputation for being one of the best showroom specialists, and their expertise in luxury furnishings creates the perfect foil for FLOS products. Several of the pieces in the showroom currently are bespoke creations I’ve made specially for COLOURLIVING.

Anastassiades with his FLOS Arrangements modular light fixtures

How do you see the Asian market’s evolution in terms of luxury light fixtures?

Light, for Asians, might be even more important than for markets like Europe. Light is celebrated here. What’s more, the cultures here are so fast-changing and the population has a voracious appetite for new trends, including in terms of lighting design. I think these days Asians are very much embracing modern light designs because it allows them to express their personality in a wholly different way.

Thank you.

The FLOS Arrangements exhibit will be running at the COLOURLIVING and B&B Italia showrooms until the end of October.

Interview by: Tenzing Thondup

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