On Taps: Gessi unveils new Equilibrio and Inciso collections

Luxury Italian bathroom specialist Gessi showcased several new lines including its nature-inspired Equilibrio taps and industrial Inciso collection at a special cocktail party held at long-time partner colourliving’s expansive showroom in Wanchai. Gian Luca Gessi, son of brand founder Umberto Gessi and the company’s President, was on hand for the special occasion. 

Already renowned in Europe for transforming bathrooms into emotive personal spaces, Gessi’s luxury products were first introduced to Hong Kong in 1992 thanks to colourliving’s efforts.

“Colourliving has been a fantastic partner for Gessi for over 20 years,” shared Ilker Mat, Gessi’s Commercial Director, “Colourliving matches our philosophy 100% in terms of design, products and the storytelling approach, which is essential to selling a luxury product.”

The fruits of this partnership were clearly demonstrated as the city’s elite flocked to the special cocktail party introducing the Equilibrio and Inciso collections. Guests were treated to music performances, speeches and live demonstrations throughout the night.

The unique rock formations which inspired the Equilibrio taps were a big hit with attendees. “Equilibrio was born in the wild,” explained Gian Luca Gessi, “the inspiration came from the best designer in the world – Mother Nature.”

Gessi also debuted its new Inciso line at the party. Crafted in partnership with American designer David Rockwell, the Inciso (Italian for engraving) collection merges industrial-era materials with artistic engravings for a truly contemporary finish.

To see Gessi’s Inciso, Equilibrio, Rettangulo K or 316 collections, drop by colourliving’s showroom in Wanchai or its website: http://www.colourliving.com/.


Alan Chan and Denise Lau on their new partnership to promote artistic living

Celebrated designer and artist Alan Chan recently collaborated with luxury furniture store colourliving in a bid to transform living spaces into objet d’art. The partnership will also yield some bespoke new services including personalised gift shopping, wedding registry and interior styling.

We caught up with Alan and colourliving’s CEO, Denise Lau to find out how they met, why they click their vision for the future.

What makes your partnership so successful?

Denise: We share a mutual vision on art and culture and how they affect lifestyles. For colourliving, we always wanted to curate a luxury lifestyle for customers. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Luxury is an attribute of any object that you treasure or value, and something that makes you happy. The germ of this partnership with Alan was sown over a dinner conversation where we discussed our aspirations and found out we have a lot in common. It’s a blessing for us to be partnering with Alan.

Alan: I am not a businessperson. I believe, in order to be creative, you should distance yourself from a business perspective. So I am happy to rely on Denise to look at the business side of things, as she has a very sound judgment on these matters, while I am an emotional artist. It has been a very harmonious relationship so far, with clearly defined roles.

You are launching several bespoke services as well. Why?

Denise: For us, home is where our heart is. Space filled with a lot of nice furniture is not necessarily a complete space. There also has to be a personal touch, be it flowers, painting or any object that you cherish. This not only applies to homes, but also to corporate offices, hotels, showrooms, etc. We believe there is a lot of room for creativity for dressing up and beautifying any space.

Alan: Based on our experiences, we would like to advise collectibles for our customers that will enhance their living space. We want to help our customers create unique, personalised space, and to curate bespoke houses. It’s a completely new concept in Hong Kong in the retail furniture sector.

Do you have any design tips for our guests?

Denise: Ideas come to you when you are relaxed. Ideas come to you when you travel more. So take a step back, soak in the ambience in which you are and beautiful, unique ideas will come to you about how to make your living space a memorable one.

Thank you.

Interview: Tenzing Thondup


Bokja, the award-winning Lebanese furniture and interior decor business, kicked off its A Stitch in Time exhibition with an exclusive cocktail party last month.

Co-curated by Calvin Hui, the founder and artistic director of Hong Kong’s 3812 Gallery, and Denise Lau, executive director of Colourliving, one of Hong Kong’s premiere lifestyle stores, the two were united in a mission to “explore traditions of Levantine textiles in a contemporary furniture setting.”

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