Nintendo’s game changer

Just when you thought the battle for gaming console supremacy had come down to two finalists – Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox –things have just got a little more interesting. Can Nintendo’s latest offering, though, prove a true computer game changer?

Nintendo’s last Big Hit was back in 2006 with the Wii, the motion-based gaming pioneer. Since then, the company has stuttered and stumbled, failing to reach comparable heights with subsequent releases. If the previews and gaming reviews are anything to go by, though, it could well take the gaming world by storm with its latest console – the Switch.

NintendoSwitch_hardware2.0_effA hybrid portable and home gaming console, the Switch can be played on-the-go via its built-in tablet style screen and detachable controllers. Alternatively, it can be hooked up to your TV and played like a traditional home console. More powerful than any previous portable gaming device. it also features rather cleverly detachable joysticks. each of which can be further broken down again for multiple player games.

Another bonus is that no internet connection is needed to play games that can be purchased on a series of memory cards. While we await further details, the Switch looks to be a pioneering new compact development, hopefully satisfying your gaming needs no matter where you might be.

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