Ah, the manifold shortcomings of smartphones – the miniscule battery life, their infamous lack of water-resistance and their insistence on cracking whenever dropped. Thankfully, this can now all be remedied in one fell swoop thanks to one ever-handy device – the Juice Pack H2 Pro.

As well as a protective sleeve that fits snugly over your smartphone, the Juice Pack also boasts a back-up battery housed within several layers of shock-absorbing material – tested for vibrations, drops and shocks to a military standard no less – it also comes coated with a scratch-resistant membrane. Add to that water-tight ports to keep your phone secure, and you’re guaranteed to keep your phone safe and fully charged whenever you’re out and about. As to just how waterproof the Juice Pack actually is, it can apparently withstand being immersed in water up to a depth of 1.2 metres for as long as 30 minutes. It is also resistant to dust and those pesky “foreign objects.”

One tip for new users, however, is to ensure the device is correctly installed over your smartphone in order to ensure that it is wholly waterproof. To make things even easier, there is even a helpful video on the manufacturer’s website for the hard of thinking.

Morphie – the manufacturer in question– recommends waiting until the primary battery on your device hits the “red zone” (below 20 percent charge) and then switching to the supplementary supply. Once the phone is back up to 80 percent, revert to the primary battery as the top 20 percent of charge takes more oomph and will chew up your battery power unnecessarily.

The Juice Pack is compatible with the iPhone 6s/6, comes in black, grey, navy blue and hot pink, has a two-year warranty and retails at around US$130 (HK$1000).

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