Living in Ming

Venue: University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong
Date: 7 September – 6 November
Enquiries: 2241 5500


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Furniture was an essential part of home life during the Ming dynasty and, if we’re honest, most other times too. This, though, was a period in Chinese history when furniture really came into its own, finding applications as diverse as dining off, sleeping on or just sitting down on. The impressively functional wooden marvels of their day were designed to impress more through their curves and lines, than on account of their intricate carvings and details. This, though, was partly down to the distinct lack of windows and poor indoor lighting.

While less ornate than the characteristic furnishings of other periods of Chinese history, these simple yet elegant pieces are highly thought of by antiquities dealers and collectors alike. Thanks to, Doctor Lau Chu Pak, an eminent cardiologist and passionate furniture collector, The University Museum and Art Gallery at The University of Hong Kong will be holding an exhibition of Classical Chinese Furniture from his personal Haven Collection, showcasing more than 70 pieces of furniture.

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