Grand jewellery designs

With the advancement of the digital age, it is fairly easy to find any information you need just by doing a quick internet search. But with all this new information comes the problem of more and more people sharing things on the internet, which leads to an abundance of online “experts”.

For example, a quick Google search of the word “DIY” will show you that it no longer just means decorating, building and making changes to your home by yourself. It now means the activity of a person making anything from a superhero costume to a camera, and there are numerous websites to show you how to do this.

Thankfully, not all DIY activities out there are mundane.

Some, like ARTĒ Me, a stones and metal base colour customization service by Prestigious Spanish jeweler ARTĒ Madrid, can be used to keep a loved one happy, or yourself, happy.

The service allows customers to customise their existing jewellery designs, and DIY jewellery owners can choose from 29 stone colours and three metal bases of rhodium plated, gold plated or rose-gold plated on 925 sterling silver.

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