David Beckham teams up with Kent & Curwen


Founded on Savile Row in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen, Kent & Curwen started out supplying neck ties to universities in Oxford and Cambridge, the finest clubs in London, the country’s best schools and all of the British regiments throught the Empire.

In 1932, Kent & Curwen purchased a knitwear factory in London to create the first-ever cricket sweaters, a style that would establish their reputation around the world.

To continue the legacy of Kent & Curwen into the 21st century, the brand has teamed up with David Beckham to rework the classic hallmarks of British sporting pastimes into everyday life.


Celebrated for his style as much as his achievements on the football pitch, Beckham has collaborated with Creative Director Daniel Kearns to design a wardrobe made up of masculine pieces that are both accessible and stay true to British style.

Kent & Curwen’s classics – college stripes, cricket knits, rugby shirts – are reborn with a modern-day aesthetic.


Rugby shirts and T-shirts have a lived-in look, with the edges carefully worn. Original mother-of-pearl buttons show an eye for detail, along with subtle touches like regatta stripes under the collars and lapels.

The distinctive three lions emblem has been reimagined and appears on patches on T-shirts and rugby shirts. The rose, for centuries the national flower of England, is embroidered on the bottom hem of T-shirts, as well as appearing on the chest of stonewashed sweatshirts. And the cricket sweater has been updated in navy and ecru and is slightly oversized.

The new collection is available now.

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