How to pour wine without removing the cork

A US-based company has invented a wine opener that allows you to pour wine into a glass without pulling out the cork.

The Coravin system is perfect for wine lovers because it allows you to pour one glass without opening the bottle, which means you can get through your wine collection one glass at a time.

Coravin uses a needle and argon (a noble gas) to get the wine out of the bottle without removing the cork. Once the needle has been pulled out of the bottle, the cork will reseal naturally. Genius!

The nifty gadget, however, doesn’t work with champagne.

Coravin has launched its new Model Two Elite Wine System with a needle that pours 20 percent faster than the original model and comes with a clamp to make pouring easier for people with shaky hands. The new model is also streamlined with a more user-friendly design.

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