Versace’s rebel yell

When you think of musicians who encapsulate the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne spring to mind. Years of alcohol and substance abuse, general rowdy behaviour and biting the head off a bat are only some of the things that helped push these stars into the upper echelons of the music world.

But we get the feeling this is not the type of rock ‘n’ roll Versace has in mind with its Versus collection, which the Italian-luxury clothing brand says “captures the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Versace”.

The Versus collection, which features clothing with sharp silhouettes and iconic motifs, is aimed at millennials who are more likely to act out online than in the real world.

And in a bid to try and lure their target market away from their smartphones and laptops, Versace has just opened a new Versus store in The Parisian Macao along Macau’s famed Cotai Strip.

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