Tumi wheels out its 2017 spring/summer travel collection

Tumi’s latest collection of travel pieces for the refined traveller is inspired by the vibrant colours, rich colonial-era architecture and culture of Havana, Cuba.

The 2017 spring/summer collection from the world-class manufacturer of suitcases and bags features backpacks, briefcases, duffels, phone cases and much more.

Tumi has also redesigned its Alpha Bravo business and day bags for its spring/summer collection. The bags are now available in the existing Hickory colour, along with a new Galaxy Print and Reflective Material options, inspired by the Cuban countryside.

Tumi’s V3 bags are constructed from a multi-layer polycarbonate shell, which allows for resistance to cold impact cracking and corner crushing, while the V3 cases are carry-on and check-in pieces. They come in classic black and a range of colorful hues and prints, evoking the flora and fauna of Havana, including Banana Leaf Print, Magenta, Pacific Blue and Blue Print.

Check out more of Tumi’s 2017 spring/summer collection in the video.

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