Tribù Offering

EUTS_Gafencu_Tribu Natal Alu Sofa(Eng)_5 Sep 121221

With Hong Kong about to enter the cooler months, it’s the perfect time for a little al fresco entertainment. Thankfully, Everything Under the Sun, that well-known provider of high-end outdoor furniture, seems to think so too. Hence the launch of the ever-so-timely Tribù Natal Alu sofa. A truly fetching item of furniture, it boasts a subtle frame with comfortable, curved armrests. These contrast nicely with the voluminous outdoor cushions, which are complemented by a weave in wide straps fashioned from textilene, a truly durable synthetic fabric.

Flexible and elegant, the Natal Alu sofa is one outdoor furnishing that will be at home on almost any terrace or patio. This is because it’s been craftily designed as 13 individual modules, all of which can be configured to any arrangement of your choosing. Special attention has been paid to the outdoor cushions, ensuring that they can be left outside during the whole of the outdoor season. They are also capable of withstanding the heaviest of sub-tropical downpours thanks to their ventilating filling, all of which is covered with a water-resistant laminated polypropylene cover.

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