Glass Class


Sunglasses, of course, are an essential part of any discerning gentleman’s wardrobe. It is important to look chic, while protecting your eyes from any unwonted glare. Whether taking a sporty Jag coupé out for a spin on the bends on a dazzling day on the Isle of Capri or chilling out beachside on the Amalfi Coast, these rather sleek and streamlined shades from Cazal, the renowned German optical manufacturer, are the very thing.

The company’s newly launched 958 range is actually a reboot of one its most popular ever style of sunglasses, with a look that knowingly harks back to the vintage fashions of a quarter of a century ago. Billed by their manufacturer as “certain to cause a stir with their nonchalant coolness factor”, the high-contrast design of the 958’s light metal frame combines with the circular Lennon-reminiscent lenses to make a streamlined and snappy statement, while showcasing the wearer’s impeccable taste. In another plus, these unisex shades can be used as both an optical frame or as sunglasses.

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