Tiffany & Co. dazzles with the launch of Tiffany Diamond Academy

Tiffany & Co. opened its doors to the Tiffany Diamond Academy with a cocktail party on 11 July. The event also celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Tiffany Setting.

Two craftsmen were flown in from the United States to show the guests diamond grading and polishing. Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany & Co.’s chief gemologist, served as a guest speaker for the first week of the workshop.

Each session of the workshop accommodates no more than 10 guests and speakers to maximise audience engagement.

The workshop consists of four stations, including Tiffany Diamond Introduction, Diamond Colour Grading and Clarity, Diamond Polishing, and Diamond Setting.

Upon completion of the academy, participants will receive a certificate verified by Melvyn Kirtley.

The academy runs until August 15 at Elements.

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