Tanqueray serves up personalised botanical cocktails

Bartenders don’t typically stop to ask about your flavour profile, but two pop-up installations in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui are taking mixology to new heights.

Five personalised, limited edition cocktails made with Tanqueray no. TEN gin are on offer at two restaurant/bars – Aqua and Armani/Privé – from now until October 21.

The “Hanging Gardens of Kyoto” event brings a touch of colour to the city with its picturesque canopy of vines, as well as a swing set hidden amongst the flowers. Cocktails are crafted based on the floral scents that guests prefer, with six botanical scents available for sampling. Drinks are infused with exotic and unique ingredients such as shiso and bamboo leaves, rhubarb, tarragon, oregano and more.

One drink, the “Undiscovered Treasure,” blends cherry bark and hibiscus-infused gin with a hint of elderflower, cardamom and bay leaves. The event is running simultaneously at Aqua Kyoto in London.

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