Viral beauty products that are defining the real and digital world we live in

viral beauty products

In the beauty world, social media plays a big role in influencing consumers and dictating what’s trending, what’s hot and what’s not. Viral beauty product videos are often so persuasive that they will entice you to buy even though you hardly ever wear makeup or convince you to order a perfume without ever having smelled it. The internet saw a multitude of beauty trends. 

Regardless of what the response was to certain trends, what we do know is that these beauty products are often sold out in rapid quick time. The internet, social media in particular, has everyone looking to try out these beauty products for themselves. Truly, the greatest benefit of online shopping is its convenience and the power it holds to help anyone make a more informed purchasing decision. It’s never too late to try out these viral beauty products.

Chanel Les Beiges Water-fresh Tint

viral beauty products

The lightweight and glow skin tint effect that Chanel’s Les Beiges Water-fresh Tint formula is promising has made great strides with its sales on social media apps alone and raised a celebrity following with the likes of Natalia Bryant and Hilary Duff. The fashion house claim that this trending beauty product is an update to their 2022 popular cream bronzer and its tint pairs skin-condition ingredients like glycerine, castor oil and jasmine stem extract with pigmented droplets to treat the skin while expertly providing weightless coverage – making it one of the favourite online skincare-makeup hybrids.

Kosas Revealer Concealer

viral beauty products

With the Kosas Revealer Concealer, you can finally say goodbye to dry under-eyes. This product, which the company describes as “concealer meets eye cream”, appears to combine the greatest features of skincare and makeup in one convenient container. Through a blend of caffeine, arnica Montana, pink algae extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides, the clean concealer looks to brighten, soothe, and plump the skin while delivering medium coverage and improving skin over time.

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Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Medium

viral beauty products

Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica When we hear the name Lady Gaga it automatically transliterates to a huge fan following. The Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation from Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs line undoubtedly made the biggest effect on social media fans, with the hashtag #hauslabsfoundation amassing nearly 9 billion views to date. Known for its lightweight feel, radiant finish and ability to seamlessly cover redness and dark spots, the Triclone Skin Tech can be applied with a brush, sponge or your fingertips. Powered by fermented arnica, an antioxidant complex and medicinal herbs, this promises to soothe even acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush

You may be sure that the popular product will be worthwhile as there are so many blushes to pick from. In addition to dominating the online world, Hailey Bieber shares a testimonial as a fan of Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush. Pigmented and vibrant, this head-turning pink blush is said to add an instant flush of colour that even reacts to the skin’s moisture levels for an optimized rosy and glowing finish. 

Saie Hydrabeam Sheer Brightening Concealer

viral beauty products

Much like what beauty filters of many social media apps do to our photos, Saie Hydrabeam Sheer Brightening Concealer does the Photoshop edit effect in real life. With fans signing up to get their hands on this trending item, this Saie option is so worthwhile for its hydrating properties with squalene, glycerine, and tomato extract, brightening abilities and weightless finish. An online superstar like Mikayla Nogueira confesses her love for the product.

Valentino Twin Liner Gel & Liquid Eyeliner

viral beauty products

A forefront to the best eyeliner marketplace is Valentino’s dual-ended pick, known to make a perfectly etched cat eye easy. To help achieve any look, the Twin Liner gel & Liquid Eyeliner has a semi-matte and ultra-fine liquid on one end and a gel in four colours such as classic black, deep red, navy blue, and mocha brown on the other. Not to mention that it sets to the skin smoothly and does not budge during the day. 

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Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks

viral beauty products

Another celebrity-owned and founded make-up brand is Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. Claimed to be the beauty companion to everyday women, Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks understands the importance of most makeup items simply sticking to daily regimens to allow pigment to impart quickly and easily. Designed to blend and go, this creamy number delivers a sun-kissed warmth able to wake the skin up in seconds.

(Text: Joseff Musa)

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