Algica: The Next Super Ingredient Entering The Skincare Game

Rice water, snail mucin, green tea, and many more ingredients, the skincare industry has borrowed from nature for the benefits they can have on the dermis. Newly entering this lineup of organic materials is algica.

Said to have a chemical structure that cosmetology experts have been trying to mimic, the algica is built in a unique way allowing it to be an iconic addition to the skincare game.

For those interested in the science of it, algica is basically the outlet layer of algae called diatoms which scientists from the Swedish Algae Factory have discovered a technique to produce in an environmentally friendly and circular manner thus leaving no harmful chemicals in our ecosystem.


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This super ingredient is environmentally friendly and has an EcoCertification for being safe for the ocean and sea life.

In addition to being a more conscious choice, here are all the reasons why algica for the skin is a godsend for skincare enthusiasts.


One of the purposes of the algica in nature is to ensure enough water in the algae. Much like it, it will keep the dermis layer hydrated when included in moisturisers, serums or toners. It is even proven to be more effective than hyaluronic acid which has long been a game changer for its hydrating property. Besides, its light weight makes it easier to apply and the skin soaks it up much faster than hyaluronic acid.

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It absorbs oil, dirt, sweat, and other impurities thus making algica an excellent cleanser.

In fact, it can take in nearly 20 times more impurities than any other chemically-engineered material and shows results three times faster.

It is a perfect barrier for the skin as it not only blocks harmful UV rays but also stops air pollution from getting into a person’s skin.

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In other words, algica is sure to take the dermatology industry by storm because it is going to make your skincare routine much quicker as this single ingredient guarantees multiple benefits.

Dermatology brands like L:A Bruket, Kari Gran, Lumi, Ecooking and more have already started infusing it into their products. The organic skincare brand L:A Bruket has even taken it a step further and launched a face care collection which has algica as one of the key ingredients.

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