Sunglasses to keep you looking cool this summer

Sunglasses are a vital accessory for hot, sunny days. As we get deeper into summer and the sun gets brighter, multiple high-end brands have launched new lines of designer sunglasses.

We have picked three pairs of sunglasses to help you get noticed.

Frency & Mercury

First up is Frency & Mercury. In an east-meets-west style, founder Eque M combined elements from the west with Japanese craftsmanship, resulting in a marriage of design elements that can only be seen on Frency & Mercury eyewear.

Frency & Mercury is available in Hong Kong through its exclusive retailer Puyi Optical.

Giorgio Armani

Moving on to more western eyewear, Giorgio Armani unveiled their new collection this year – Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2017. The collection was accompanied by a video which tells the fictional story of Emma and Tristan wearing the new sunglasses.

Being the main point of the video, the sunglasses serve as the vessel through which the two characters meet.

Miu Miu

Launched in similar style are Miu Miu’s new Scenique sunglasses, designed for the modern woman.

Also accompanied by a video directed by photographer Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, Miu Miu highlights its new eyewear collection by highlighting the joys of good summer days.

These new designs come with a silent promise to make the sun more bearable this summer, if not downright enjoyable.

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