Simply Chic: Sometimes less is more

Minimalism (adjective): a deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design. By definition, this may seem an undesirable label for jewellery. In reality, though, minimalist accessories pair effortlessly with every ensemble and they never go out of style.

One of Chopard’s newest collections – created with the help of pop goddess Rihanna – is testament to that. The Rihanna Loves Chopard collection “is defined by minimalist geometry and sharp, clean lines”, Chopard explains. It features cubes in rose gold and green ceramic, which serve as the building blocks of these simplistic yet stylish designs.

Chaumet’s Jeux de Liens collection is another ode to the beauty of simplicity. Its pieces feature an X-shaped motif, which is reinterpreted in a variety of stones and styles, from chrysoprase and pink opal on rose gold to pavé-set diamonds on white gold.
Damiani also experiments with motifs in its new D.Icon collection. The brand’s iconic D-shaped symbol is represented in white or black ceramic, with gold and diamonds thrown into the mix. Classic versions featuring a single diamond are available, as well as versions where the D is filled in with pavé diamonds.

Qeelin has drawn upon traditional Chinese culture in the making of its Yu Yi collection. The lock-shaped symbol comes from the phrase man si yu yi – may your dreams come true – and it’s represented in agate and onyx stones, paired with gold and diamonds. According to Qeelin founder Dennis Chan, “If you give someone a Yu Yi lock, you are giving that person a blessing. And a lock means so much more – to lock up love, promises, memories, health, friendship and so on.”

Thanks to the timelessness of the Yu Yi collection and other minimalist designs, these jewellery pieces can be worn and adored for many years to come.

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