Scale new heights with Montblanc

Hong Kong is a city that attracts ambitious people who enjoy pushing themselves to achieve new goals.

And in a bid to harness this spirit of endeavour, and to celebrate its 110th anniversary, the watch brand Montblanc is trying to get Hong Kongers to share stories about how they pushed themselves to succeed.

Montblanc is looking for people like Will Cho, who received a National Geographic Photography Award in 2013.

Mr Cho chose to give up his office job to become a photographer and he takes his new profession so seriously that he stayed in the mountains for nearly 20 days so he could capture the best picture of the night sky. Mr Cho believes the most spectacular views will appear once you have overcome difficulties.

Montblanc will pick the best story of pioneering spirit each week and the winners will have the chance to fly in a helicopter for a bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong.

The watchmaker has also launched the 4810 timepiece collection, inspired by the mountain Montblanc which is 4,810 metres above sea level.

For more information, visit the Montblanc web page before 6 November.

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