Opulence Revealed: Rémy Martin’s newest X.O. cognac unveiled in Hong Kong


Iconic French cognac house Rémy Martin has just unveiled the prestigious Rémy Martin X.O. Cannes 2017 Limited Edition in Hong Kong in an exclusive event titled ‘Opulence Revealed’.

Originally launched as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, the cognac went on to become a runaway success in France, the US, the UK, China and Taiwan before being released in Hong Kong.

Limited to just 300 bottles in the Hong Kong market, the Rémy Martin X.O. Cannes 2017 cognac is strictly elite. Justifying the letters X.O. – extra old – the cognac has been aged for three decades using only the best-quality grapes from the Fine Champagne region of France.

Blended from up to 400 aged eaux-de-vie, the cognac creates a perfect balance of exquisite and refined notes. The rich amber colour, together with the fragrant aromas of jasmine, plum, figs, candied orange, cinnamon and hazelnuts, create a beautiful anticipation even before the first sip. Surprisingly, the Rémy Martin X.O. cognac is quite light on the palate and can be paired with any kind of protein.

The decanter is equally delightful to behold – a beauty in black and gold, reminiscent of film reels and with a gift box that also includes a film on the cellar masters and the craft of cognac-making.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay

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