Queen & Adam Lambert make their Hong Kong debut

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena
Date: 28 September
Enquiries: N/A
Website: www.hkticketing.com

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Who would have thought that some quarter of a century after the death of Freddy Mercury – Queen’s legendary frontman – that the band would not only still be touring, but playing some territories, including Hong Kong, for the very first time? Yet, here they are.

Although the band now only includes two members from its 70’s/80’s heyday – permanently-permed lead guitarist Brian May and drummeister general Roger Taylor – it is still selling out stadiums round the world. Having tried out a number of vocalists since the demise of Mercury – most notably Paul Rodgers, the big, bad voice behind Bad Company and Free – this latest incarnation is fronted by Adam Lambert, a former contestant on the American Idol talent show. And, unlikely as it may seem, it has been hailed as a winning combination.

Lambert has been credited as ably aping Mercury where necessary, while also bringing his own style and pizzazz to the Queen experience. With rock legends being a little thin on the ground in HK this year – with Olivia Newton-John being the best known to date – checking out these veteran rockers could prove your musical highlight of the year.

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