Qeelin, Alvin Goh work together on latest #BeQeelinBeYourself campaign

International jewellery brand Qeelin has collaborated with style director Alvin Goh to design new looks for Coco Rocha and Josie Ho.

The partnership aims to present the many ways a woman can express herself through jewellery.

“Qeelin is elegant, playful and inspirational, but like paint on a canvas, it’s nothing without the painter,” says creative director of Qeelin Dennis Chan.

“I am thrilled to be the painter collaborating with Goh, a stylist who understands the character of our jewellery.”

Goh, who is often portrayed in multiple roles including make-up artist, fashion stylist and creative director, believes himself to be a storyteller instead. “I think every woman has a story to tell,” he says. “It is about her personality, her story, her mood.”

On working with Qeelin, he says: “Collaborating with Qeelin jewellery is great. Though it is fine jewellery, it is playful.”

Both singer Ho and model Rocha are excited to work with Qeelin and Goh.

“I love the way Alvin plays with layering Qeelin jewellery, the way he mixes and matches the different collections and design themes,” says Rocha. “This is not about having to wear this earring with that necklace, but being able to mix, play and be myself.”

Ho has equally great things to say. “Qeelin has a style and independence that resonates with me,” she explains. “I love the way my personality can be expressed through the way I mix and match the pieces.”


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