Organic beauty

If someone said, “We need to live in harmony with nature”, you’d probably dismiss them as a treehugger who lives in a log cabin without running water or electricity, and we doubt you’d be too far off the truth.

The reality of living and working in Hong Kong is that it is difficult to get out and enjoy the city’s parks, reserves and trails. Most people spend the majority of their time surrounded by high-rise buildings.

And MTM Skincare is well aware how bad living in a concrete jungle is to men’s and women’s skin, which is why they have released the Custom-Blended Harmonious Collection.

The collection is sourced from a variety of organically grown plants in Japan and relieves allergy symptoms and strengthens the immune system, while adding moisture to the skin.

With its main ingredients harvested and extracted from organic farmlands, the unisex skincare collection is as close to nature as some Hong Kongers will get.

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