Jurlique makes a comeback with new holistic skincare range

After an extensive research and experimentation process that spanned over two years, Jurlique has finally re-launched a range of body lotions and shower gels.

Although it took a while for the skincare brand to introduce its new products, it might have been worth the wait. The fresh products are expected to be free form harsh chemicals, which can irritate sensitive skin.

“Because we wanted a formula that was free from so many harsh chemicals, it meant that the formulation process was more challenging,” says Paul Kent, Head Formulator at Jurlique.

The new beauty essentials are completely free from synthetic materials including silicones, sulphates, petrolatum, mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances, and parabens.

New ranges are developed with organic, farm-grown ingredients to enhance their skin-replenishing properties. They are available in expressions of rose, citrus, lavender and lemon.

“Using effective natural skincare is essential for healthy-looking skin,” says Jurlique’s Global Education Director Rebecca Nicholls.

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