Jimmy Carr – “Funny Business”

Venue: King George V School
Date: 24-25 August
Enquiries: N/A
Website: www.la-comedylive.com/jimmycarr_hk


Your mates might think him hilarious but, to your in-laws, he’s probably obscene. This should give you a pretty clear idea of the nature of comedy likely to be in store when Jimmy Carr comes to Hong Kong. One of the most popular live acts on the UK comedy scene, Jimmy will be making his maiden appearance in town with Funny Business, his brand spanking new show.

Equal parts clever word play, razor sharp wit and puerile filth, this is one show you won’t want to take your kids to, despite the gig being held in the somewhat unlikely setting of the King George V School, a venue not often associated with genitalia gaga. The two-night run is part of a tour that will see Carr play more than 200 dates across four continents. Early reviews have described the evening as “A master class in comedy…devastating, tasteless two-liners that are bliss to listen to…Carr’s persona is irresistible and his wisecracks will have you quivering with satisfaction.” Book now, but best not risk taking the in-laws.

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