iPlaying: Turn your phone into a game zone

One look at any app store is enough to know that today’s smartphone users are doing much more than making and receiving calls. Smartphone games, both free and paid, regularly top the list of downloaded apps. From global phenomenon Angry Birds to Candy Crush and more advanced role-playing games, there is no shortage of options for those looking to get their gaming fix.
Despite the hours of fun they provide, a smartphone’s interface is not exactly ideal for game play.

Serious gamers may find the tapping and swiping mechanics of a smartphone game to be underwhelming when compared to the nuanced movements of a game console controller. Cue Gamevice: a new and innovative gadget that has emerged to elevate the experience of iPhone gaming.

The device has two parts that can be attached to either end of your phone or tablet, thereby turning it into a handheld gaming console à la Sony PSP. The Gamevice acts as a controller and features dual analog thumb sticks, standard action buttons, shoulder triggers and a D-pad. It’s compatible with hundreds of games in the Gamevice Live iOS app, and it’s also Made For iPhone-certified (MFi), so you can be sure it will seamlessly connect with your device.

Robust and comfortable to hold, this gadget makes smartphone gaming much more immersive and intuitive. It’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys escaping into the world of digital fun, all while waiting on that important phone call from a client.


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