Samsung, South Korea’s mobile giant and Apple’s bitterest tech rival, may have finally stumbled across the iDeal formula to woo even the truest Acolyte of Jobs away from the venerably iConic iPhone. Samsung’s approach is predicated on the notion that, as you are constantly connected to your phone, making seamless transitions between work and play, you need a phone that is big enough to handle it all.

The company’s answer is the Galaxy Note 7 and its array of features including, the biometric iris scanner that unlocks the smartphone, the curved edge screen that makes for its modern sleek exterior and its state-of-the-art camera technology. It is this combination that has seen many analysts hail the company’s latest handset as a prime example of why the company remains at the very leading edge of innovation.

Rumoured to be shipping almost imminently in the US, the new phone is said to be among the first to feature HDR – High Dynamic Range – a new photography protocol that should allow your smartphone to capture images that rival the very finest professional-level photos.

In another innovation, the phone is fully-compatible with the Gear VR headset, allowing the user to become fully-immersed in the increasingly popular world of virtual reality.

The headset actually comes bundled with the new Galaxy Note 7, a real boon to keen gamers and the merely tech-curious. The light weight Gear VR headset features a white plastic shell exterior, all molded into the ski-goggle design that will already be familiar to many VR aficionados. To the rear, it features an elastic strap that allows the set to be firmly attached. It also comes with a swipe-based touchpad and button for easy navigation.

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