Flying Solo


An old Jedi mind trick once convinced searching sentries that “these are not the droids” you are looking for. It would take more than the power of the Force, however, to convince any true Star Wars fans that the Millennium Falcon Quadcopter was not the drone they were looking for. The team at Air Hogs, purveyors of only the finest flying toys, have injected all their know-how into their latest levitating wonder, one that is brim-full of the technology you’d only really expect to find in a galaxy far, far away.

The pla st ic mou lde d a nd ha nd-pa i nted exquisitely-rendered replica of the Falcon has been designed to cleverly conceal the four rotors that keep the drone aloft, with all the giveaway signs tucked neatly away inside the body of the ship. Battery powered and with an operating range of more than 200 metres, the ship is heavy on the juice, largely due to the need to fuel its striking laser features.

Should it engage with a drone from the Dark Side and take more than three direct hits, the Falcon will slowly spiral to the ground, leaving Han and co, hors de combat but thankfully intact. Even for young padawan pilots, controlling the drone is relatively straightforward, with Air Hogs having previously won several industry awards for the simplicity of its operating systems.

Its 2.4 GHz control, four-channels and gyro-stabilization systems provide amazing stability and flight performance, leaving users convinced they are indeed the New Hope and likely scourge of the Empire. Shipping starts next month so don’t miss your chance to pilot the only ship to have ever made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, presumably with a change of battery or two.

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