Haunting chocolates

With Halloween creeping up on us, Hong Kongers can expect to see a lot of people roaming the streets trick or treating or heading to parties dressed as witches, ghouls or, ummm, Fred Flintstone.

People love to dress up, and over time the classic ghoulish Halloween costumes have given way to superheroes, pirates, princesses, sexy cheerleaders and pretty much any item of food.

Thankfully, the Belgian chocolatier Godiva is sticking to the classics with its 2016 Halloween collection.

Chocolate-lovers can enjoy pretzels, truffles and pearls, tastefully packaged in different orange boxes with a drawing of a black cat lying on a pumpkin on the cover.

The only things missing from Godiva’s Halloween chocolates are a cackling witch and a cauldron full of potions and spells.

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