Gucci launches project that takes users to inspirational places

Gucci has unveiled an innovative travel platform on its app to encourage people to visit places that have inspired the brand.

The platform, Gucci Places, aims to elicit an innovative response from its consumers and it will also create a network of places connected to the fashion house.

The locations are all places that creative director Alessandro Michele has found inspirational, and each location will get its own dedicated badge that users receive when they “check-in”.

Gucci Places also lets users search through the history of the brand.

The first location is Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, where Gucci is currently hosting an expansive display of clothing and memorabilia. The display at the stately home showcases clothing from the past 500 years that belongs to the Devonshire family.

Gucci’s Cruise campaign featuring actress Vanessa Redgrave was also shot at Chatsworth.

The app will notify users when they are near a Gucci place and the device will also provide a detailed description of the venue, featuring texts, pictures and/or videos and a section dedicated to events.

More Gucci places are expected to be unveiled later this year.

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