Embark on a sensory journey with Remy Martin XO

Remy Martin XO is more than just a cognac. Drinkers are taken on a sensory journey with every sip as an explosion of fragrances  – white flowers, fruits and spice – delights the senses.

The cognac also brings the palate to life with notes of fresh, ripe plum, mature fig and crystallised orange that merge with a hint of cinnamon and freshly ground hazelnuts, with a note of woody tobacco.

This superlative journey for the taste buds has taken Remy Martin decades to perfect.

The fine champagne cognac is steeped in history, dating back to 1724 when Rémy Martin, a young winegrower in Cognac, started selling cognac under his own name. In 1830 the first Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac was created.

Over the years the brand evolved and surged in popularity, which led to the creation of Rémy Martin XO in 1981.

Today, the cognac continues to push boundaries. So it is no surprise that people like Sebastien Ripari, culinary consultant/writer/mixologist/poet, are drawn to Rémy Martin XO.

“There is unmistakably a link between gastronomy, as I perceive it, ambitious and revelatory, and XO cognac,” said Ripari.

“Before sampling, I vow to revel in the sumptuous details that are released once the bottle is opened. They take me on a subtle and sophisticated sensory journey: voluptuous, yet beautifully harmonious. A dish is the perfect balance of a multitude of products. XO is the perfect balance of a multitude of eaux-de-vie, a singular aromatic variety creating an ideal and elegant equilibrium.”

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