Egg-static: Cooking help for the gastronomically challenged


Do you think you’re a dab hand in the kitchen? Then this creative little gizmo is not for you. It is, however, perfect for those who admit they need some help when it comes to cooking up the proverbial storm. Hello Egg is a kitchen assistant with easy-to-follow, voice-navigated video recipes and answers nearly all cooking-related questions with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – backed up by a support team of cooking experts. Once integrated with Eggspert — a web and mobile application — it will supervise your pantry, organise your shopping list and even arrange your food shopping delivery.

hello-egg-picture3_big_pathDeveloped by RnD64, an Internet of Things-focused company, the main purpose of Hello Egg is to reintroduce home cooking to millennials by making all aspects smarter and more flexible. As it is the only voice-operated smart assistant with a display and personality designed specifically for the kitchen, Hello Egg is similar to Amazon’s Alexa, but more specifically food-focused.

And if all that isn’t enough to satisfy the pickiest of wannabe chefs, it also comes with music streaming, audio news feeds, weather forecasts, multiple voice-activated timers and reminders. Handy.

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