Bright Night Fantasy bra from Victoria’s Secret valued at HK$23.3 million


The secret is now well and truly out. The Bright Night Fantasy bra from Victoria’s Secret, one of the world’s premiere luxury lingerie brands, has been described as truly uplifting by those in the know. Valued at a cool US$3 million (HK$23.3 million), the bra comes complete with more than 9,000 precious gems – including an array of diamonds and emeralds – and apparently took more than 700 man hours to craft by hand.


The creative force behind the Bright Night Fantasy bra is Eddie Borgo, a renowned US accessories designer, while the lady so ably fronting it is Jasmine Tookes, a well-known US fashion model and former gymnast. The bra itself will make its catwalk debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris on 5 December, with Tookes again doing the honours. Speaking prior to the event, the model revealed she was required to sit for three hours in plaster as part of the lengthy process that went into the creation of this most bespoke of undergarments.

In the case of Borgo, he has made something of a habit of creating high-end bras. Last year’s offering, though, featured only 6,500 precious gems, a sum easily eclipsed by this year’s updated chest masterpiece.

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