Cartier pride: The Tank watch turns 100 but remains as timeless as ever

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Tank watch, Cartier’s legendary timepiece.

The century-old timekeeper was first conceived in 1904 when aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont asked Louis Carter to design a watch for him to use during his flights. The launch of the Tank watch in 1917 redefined the art of watch-making.

Created during the First World War, the name and design of the Tank were influenced by the period.

With the rising popularity of androgynous fashion, the Tank is still as prevalent today as it was when it was created. Its unisex design makes it a refreshing choice in a market saturated with accessories that tend to reinforce gender stereotypes.

This year, three new versions – the Tank Française, Tank Cintrée and Tank Américaine – were released.

The Tank has graced the wrists of many free-spirited men and women including Princess Diana, Madonna, Andy Warhol and Gary Cooper, to name a few.

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