Best local Instagram accounts to follow

Finding inspiration in a city as active as Hong Kong shouldn’t be a challenge, but sometimes too many options can lead to sensory overload and make it difficult to choose.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Instagram accounts across multiple categories – health, fashion, yoga, food and lifestyle – to help you feel invigorated and inspired.

1. Health: @viviennetang

Vivienne Tang’s account is filled with photos of greenery, nature and fitness inspiration (otherwise known as #fitspo). The self-proclaimed wellness enthusiast is the founder of Destination Deluxe, and she posts photos of stunning landscapes as well.

2. Fashion: @cindiddy

A true fashionista, Cindy Ko’s 36,000 followers are no doubt enamoured with her unique style and vibrant photos. Her posts reflect serenity and express fashion individuality.

3. Yoga: @katherineleeyoga

Katherine Lee bends her body in miraculous positions as she travels to different locations to practice yoga. This local yogi has posed in front of popular landscapes including the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge and of course, Hong Kong’s very own skyscrapers.

4. Food: @angie_lcc

Angie, better known as vANGIEtarian, posts vibrant photos of healthy food in all its colourful glory. She makes “healthy” look so good, you wouldn’t think twice about skipping that chocolate croissant for brunch.

5. Lifestyle: @eva_pinkland

Step into Eva Cheung’s pink shoes and enter her rose-tinted world. This pink fanatic throws shade at monochrome with her bright and lively photos. 


Text: Sadia Lima



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