Aesop ventures into tooth territory with first-ever toothpaste

Aesop, an Australian skincare brand, has taken a bold approach to combat a personal problem many people never discuss in public – tooth decay.

Standing out from the generic toothpaste crowd, Aesop’s first-ever toothpaste is a unique blend of distinct flavour and various essential oils, including anise, spearmint and clove.

It contains a mild abrasive to thoroughly cleanse teeth and contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to decrease the chance of users getting tooth decay and plaque build-up.

The formulation is fluoride-free, which prevents yellow teeth and functions as an effective cleanser for teeth and gums.

The toothpaste is also ideal for people used to harsh brushing as it contains sea buckthorn, an effective ingredient used to soothe gum aggravation.

Other active ingredients include cardamom and wasabia japonica, which help to maintain oral hygiene.

Like all other toothpastes, it is recommended to use Aesop’s toothpaste twice daily.

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