Hepburn-ing Desire: Coveted items from Audrey’s estate

Audrey Hepburn was – and still is – an icon of film and fashion. More than two decades after her death, college-aged girls are still hanging posters in their dorm rooms of Hepburn as Holly Golightly in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The actress was celebrated for her on-screen charm and impeccable style, and die-hard fans now have a chance to take home a piece of Hepburn’s very own wardrobe. 

Items from Hepburn’s personal collection will be sold by Christie’s auction house in London next month. One item up for grabs is the sky blue Givenchy cocktail gown that she wore to a photo shoot in 1966 to promote the film Two for the Road. The satin-fringed dress “epitomises the deceptively simple style for which Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn are both celebrated”, according to Christie’s. A Burberry trench coat and a colourful selection of ballet flats will also be auctioned off. 

The most valuable item for sale is an annotated copy of Hepburn’s working script for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with notes and revisions written in her own hand. It is expected to sell for at least HK$606,000. As Hepburn once said, “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” Perhaps the buyer of this script will have a similar revelation while reading it – or at least gain a new appreciation for one of Hollywood’s favourite leading ladies

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