Spotlight: Media coverage of Macau Award Night

It wasn’t just Gafencu who covered the Inaugural Macau Award Night last month. A number of Hong Kong and Macau media organisations were at the Four Seasons Hotel Macao to show their readers and viewers who attended the star-studded event.

TVB Entertainment News, Sing Tao, Macau Closer, Ming Pao and more managed to get some interviews and photos with Jonathan Wong, Vinci Wong, Kevin Chow, Lina Ross Mohindar and more.

After the guests were interviewed or posed for photos for the assembled media, they made their way to the foyer of the Lotus Ballroom for some fine wine and cocktails, before sitting down for a delectable meal and enjoying their evening of awards, a live performance by Joyce Cheng and much more.

The presence of so many different media outlets at the event is testament to how much the Gafencu Awards has grown in stature over the years.

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