Cartier hosts lavish party to celebrate Panthère watch

Following on from the successful party in Los Angeles, Cartier hosted an event recently to celebrate  its Panthère de Cartier watch.

Cartier transformed Shaw Studios to show off different facets of the women’s watch. The Gold Room captured the jewellery aspect of the Panthère de Cartier watch with golden décor and a contemporary-style chandelier, along with specially designed backlit showcases.

The Mirror Room was set up like a deluxe beauty salon, offering flash tattoos, makeup and nail art.

The Studio Room was furnished with cameras, lights and photography umbrellas to resemble the set of a professional magazine photo shoot and three vanity rooms were decorated like mini film sets.

Guests at the event included Cathy Lee, Rosamund Kwan, Gaile Lok, Bianca Bai, Vivian Sung, Shuling Wu, Kathy Lepeu, Niki Chow, Jennifer Tse, Queenie Rosita Law, Harris Chan and Kenny Kwan.

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