Tree unveils new eco-wood furniture

Tree’s new line-up of eco-wood furniture is perfect for anyone looking to give their home a rustic forest theme.

The company, based in Ap Lei Chau, has unveiled its latest collection just before spring.

Elevate Desk


Crafted from recycled teak wood and an albasia wood core, the desk has a rustic look. Furthermore, with multi-racks, TV and wine cabinets also available, it is the perfect way to create a beautiful living room.

Price: $6,950

Mona Sofa


What would a living room be without a comfortable sofa to relax on? Well, Tree’s brand new Mona Sofa has more of a casual and inviting look, especially with its large pillows, which just scream comfort.

Price: $15,950

Danico Dining Chair

dining chair edited

Moving from the living room to the dining room, Tree also has a new range of dining chairs.

Each chair can be customised in terms of fabric and colour.

Price: $1,950 per chair

Soul Console Table

Small table edited

In need of a small, stylish table to store a few items? Then the Soul Console Table is just the thing for you. Like the aforementioned Elevate Desk, the table is made from recycled teak wood and an albasia wood core. The table comes with a trio of drawers to give the buyer adequate space to store items.

Price: $8.950

Terracotta ceramics

ceramics edited

Another item with a rustic look,  the terracotta ceramic pieces are handcrafted in the Philippines and come in various different colours, including a lovely turquoise and beautiful gunmetal grey.

Price: Starting from $195

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