Where’s My Batman?

Venue: HKREP Blackbox
Date: 1-4, 6-10 July
Enquiries: 3172 1780
Website: facebook.com/arjoewong


Despite the title conjuring images of a masked crusader, scaling buildings and fighting crime, audiences will find this particular drama a far more cerebral affair than your average comic-book-inspired theatrics. The brainchild of Joe Wong, one of Hong Kong’s most well-known thespians, RTHK 2 radio DJ and professional MC, Where is my Batman? is Joe’s first solo performance. Conceived jointly with co-playwright Kwok Chui Yee, the show focuses on a self-centred man who moves to the city with dreams of wealth and success, only to find that he has totally lost all direction. What follows is an introspective piece that dwells upon darkness and despair, on occasion rivalling the caped crusader’s well-documented darker side. Attempting to find an answer to life’s more esoteric questions amidst the tragedies that purvey modern life, Where is my Batman?hopes to shed some light on one man’s total hopelessness by answering the perennial question as to just who and where is your favourite superhero when you need him the most? It is solemn stuff for sure.

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