VR Hypersuit takes you out of this world


Virtual reality (VR), it seems, is taking over the world – from art gallery interactive displays to property agents using it to woo potential buyers. However, the true domain for VR is the home, where it can be used to relax and allow you to let your hair down and simply enjoy yourself.

Cue the Hypersuit. Billed as “the safest way to sense the extreme,” the Hypersuit VR simulator allows you to explore the far reaches of the world and beyond without leaving the comfort of your home. It takes you to vast deserts, the moon and even lets you fly across the sky, free as a bird.


Built by a Paris-based startup, the Hypersuit is an exoskeleton that fully immerses you into VR. To make the simulator work, users lie on a movable exoskeleton platform with a VR headset on. They can then control an in-game character and move in any direction they please. The VR simulator – which is completely controlled by arm movements – lets users fly, dive into the ocean and travel in space. If your arm moves to the right, your body will follow the same direction in the virtual setting. It also comes with a fan featuring automatically adjustable wind speed, depending on the activity.

The Hypersuit was unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest technology trade show.


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