Von Arkel eye wear: Complex technology, simple choice


When brothers Christophe and John Kozma – one an optician, another a technologist – came together to create Swiss eye wear brand, Von Arkel, they literally brought on-board the best of both worlds – unique design combined with great technology.

The name itself is homage to Anton Eduard van Arkel, the inventor of one of the strongest metals on the planet, titanium. This very same metal is used in Von Arkel glasses today.

Their flagship models Calibre 8.0 and Calibre 9.0, which were officially launched this week, are both great lookers as well as incredibly strong. The key feature is the one-of-its-kind hinge, that is easy to assemble and completely wear-and-tear-free. Its jewellery finishing also makes it quite glamourous while being 100% functional.

Calibre 9.0 is a particularly special eye gear with just two parts. Without screws, rivets, solderings, etc., it is as seamless as it is sleek.

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