Review: Chinese all-new noshery Nove serves up tradition with a twist

To find Nove, you have to be in the know. Hidden in a narrow alley in Central, without an English name on the shop front, this newly-opened noshery – perhaps deliberately – recreates the atmosphere of a secretly-tucked-away Chinese kitchen.

Nove’s interiors

The feeling only intensifies upon entering. It’s like being transported straight into Shanghai of yesteryears. With mosaic floors, Chinese lanterns and ink paintings all being an intrinsic part of the decor, every nook and corner promises an authentic Chinese gourmet experience.

Steamed xiao long bao with lobster bisque

And the menu doesn’t disappoint either. But the culinary team at Nove doesn’t just stop with recreating traditional dishes – indeed, executive chefs Wong Yiu Por and Poon Kwai Chung have some unique tricks up their sleeves. This sees such popular dishes as the xiao long bao undergoing a makeover with the addition of lobster bisque. The result is soft juicy dumplings rendered even more delicious by the mild seafood-flavoured broth.

Baked abalone and cheese tarts

Another dish that caught our fancy was the baked abalone and cheese tart. While Hongkongers love their egg tarts, this savoury take on the popular street food won our heart with its simplicity and skillful execution. While the cheese complements the abalone perfectly, it doesn’t overwhelm the seafood’s unique taste, creating a perfectly harmonious appetiser.

Sliced goose and marinated hard-boiled egg

Of the mains, the sliced goose and marinated hard-boiled egg is a Chiu Chow-style delicacy – a stellar example of Chef Poon Kwai Chung’s expertise in Chiu Chow-style marinated dishes. With the egg complementing the poultry, it’s the spicy, pungent sauce that ties the whole dish together and has you reaching out for seconds.

At Nove, the portions are quite right-sized, and the best part about that is you can order an assortment of items – from traditional pig trotters to experimental seafood and kimchi dumplings. One thing’s sure, though… whatever, you try at Nove, chances are you won’t be disappointed!

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay

Five unusual gift ideas for him this summer

What do you gift to the man who has the perfect wardrobe, the latest gadgets and an impeccable taste? If you’re struggling to find an answer to this particular conundrum, let us help you with five unusual gift ideas for him, that will hopefully get an appreciative nod from even the most fastidious of gentlemen.

Cognac Colossal

Unusual gift ideas for him

The fine folks over at Louis XIII have unveiled their latest spirited masterpiece – which is surely set to nestle alongside its already semi-legendary collection of fine cognacs – the most certainly one-of-a-kind Le Salmanazar, its first-ever nine-litre crystal decanter. Beautifully crafted by Baccarat, the venerable French curators of fine creations, it is officially the largest crystal cognac decanter in the world and a more-than-fitting placeholder for some of the most precious eaux-de-vie ever to see the light of day. Truly a work of art, Le Salmanazar is sure to grace any gentleman’s liquor cabinet capacious enough to contain it.

Travel Lightened

Unusual gift ideas for him

Looking to make your luggage every bit as colourful as your travel itinerary, legendary German travel accessories label Rimowa has four new colours in its range of suitcases. Available in what are called ‘Rimowa Essential colours’ – Coral, Slate, Sage and Saffron – and in three sizes – Essential cabin, Essential check-in L and Essential trunk – the suitcases are said to all be inspired by the world’s natural wonders, including coral for Australia’s Pink Lake and saffron yellow for the rolling fields of Tuscany.

Radio Retro

Unusual gift ideas for him

In what is set to be a dream come true for ardent antique collectors across the city, an authentic 1953 Hermès-Radio – Annecy vintage radio is up for grabs courtesy of The Time Machine @ Museum Concept, right here in Hong Kong. While the product shouldn’t be confused with the French luxury house of the same name, this refurbished classic one-off wireless is, nonetheless, a very special find, especially as it comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 upgrade, a new 120W speaker and a 50W analog amplifier.

Time and Tide

Nove, a bold new Swiss watch brand, is looking to make its mark in the home of horology by creating the slimmest diver’s watch the world has ever seen, courtesy of its newly-debuted Trident timepiece. Taking inspiration from the mighty weapon wielded by Poseidon, the Greek god of the oceans, the Trident is said to be only 6.8mm thick, making it thinner than any other dedicated deep-sea chronometer. Arguably, it’s more than just a statement piece, with its water resistance to depths of up to 200m making it quite an impressive entrée for the marine-minded marque.

Kaleidoscopic Crystals

Unusual gift ideas for him

Riedel, the Austrian luxury glass grandee, has announced the first fruits of its unique collaboration with the Elton John AIDS Foundation – a 99-piece limited-edition Cornetto Rainbow Double Magnum decanter, of which 12 are to be made available to high-end Hong Kong collectors. Handmade in the company’s Bohemian workshops, each premium-quality crystal decanter has been engraved with Sir Elton John’s signature and comes with a personally signed and numbered certificate. With their striking rainbow design said to represent acceptance and hope, they’re a fine blend of tolerance and on-tap Terret Noir.