Ambi Climate: World’s First AI-Enabled Air Conditioner Controller

Yet another product with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has hit the market, designed to make our lives even more seamless. Ambi Climate, an air conditioner accessory that launched in Hong Kong a few years back, has just introduced an awesome AI feature to control our AC usage trends.

Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate’s smart features include voice control with Amazon Alexa and geolocation capabilities. Developed by Hong Kong-based IoT startup Ambi Labs, Ambi Climate analyses users’ comforts and usage parameters to create a more personalised, energy-saving experience.

Ambi Climate’s AI engine also uses data from multiple sensors to track factors like external temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc. Users can enhance their comfort level further by voice commands, thanks to Amazon Alexa which is integrated in the system. By speaking to Alexa, the AC can be switched on or off, and adjusted by giving verbal feedback throughout the day.

To ensure energy saving, Ambi Climate also has a new geolocation feature which means the AC unit can be set to automatically turn on when a user is approaching their residence and be turned back off when they’re leaving.

According to Julian Lee, Founder and CEO of Ambi Labs, “The geolocation feature lets your AC to intelligently turn itself on if you enter within a certain distance of your home, or else turn itself off when you leave. Users can set personal ‘geo-rules’, or presets, depending on their preferences, to ensure perfect conditions at any time.”

Recommended price: HK$999
Available in store and on the official website: