Home Décor: Ideas to refresh your space this spring…

Some clean their homes in spring, others itch for a change of scenery, and then some just fill their carts… If spring makes you want to re-vamp, redecorate or realign, check our tight edit of quick design swaps for a refreshing look. Keep scrolling for some all-around positive vibes…

1. Houseplants for the ‘urban jungle paradise’ theme

7 design and decor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh nature at home

The easiest way to spruce up your living space with a spring aesthetic is to incorporate greenery – houseplants make the space 100% better – agree? Fresh floral arrangements and indoor plants are the easiest art installations to enliven the room with bright, warm, and cheerful notes. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, floral prints on textiles and wallpapers can do the trick. 

2. Rattan is in!

7 design and d irecor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh organic natural materials

Wicker, rattan and woven furniture and décor are pretty timeless design trends. From woven chairs and cabinets to wicker baskets and ottomans, natural materials add a touch of tactility and an earthy sense of nature to the home. 

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3. Earthy, distressed colour tones

(Photo couresy of Milia Shop HK)

Rich earthy tones of marigold, burnt orange, dusty pinks, warm sienna, muddy yellow and rich burgundy have been making its way into the spectrum of earthy neutral tones. Simply glazed in a solid colour or matched with interesting geometric patterns and rich textures, these full bodied overtones offer a stiking contrast to traditionally earthy cream and beige colours. 

4. Bring in some old world charm!

7 design and decor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh vintage furniture

There is a certain charm that only aged objects can evoke. The rustic and subtle tears in antiques, vintage items, upcycled and repurposed décor adds character and personality to the home. Often the focal point of the area, they tell a rich history and interesting story, and not to mention it is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

5. Natural stone tabletops

7 design and decor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh Minotti-2021-Collection-A-brand-new-chapter-in-innovation-and-modular-versatility_MARVIN-03
(Minotti 2021 Lido collection; photo courtesy of Andante)

Move aside hardwood, natural stone tabletops are making a solid statement this season! Subtle and elegant these materials add depth and visual intrigue to the home, while also mirroring the soothing, natural aesthetics of the element. As a bonus, natural stone is versatile and flows in effortlessly when pairing with other furniture and décor styes. It fits right into any casual, luxe or contemporary space – saving you the effort and money off curating a whole new set.

6. Soft, curved lines

7 design and decor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh vintage furniture soft lines

Today’s interior design trends call for softer lines in the form of arched hallways, cocoon-style furniture, ribbed ceiling and fluted wall panels. Drawing the eyes to its relaxing ebb and flow pattern, and adding a calming aesthetic to the detailing of the home’s interior and décor.

7. Bold, vibrant prints

7 design and decor tips to refresh your home a spring refresh bold print vibrant pattern
(Photo courtesy of Indigo Living)

Firmly claiming its place on the hottest Spring-Summer trends across the board, bold prints and vibrant patterns are taking the spotlight. Replete with rich textures and a zesty splash of colours, these textures add visual depth to anything and everything, from throw pillows and tribal rugs to upholstered furniture, paintings and wallpapers. 

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