Experiencing the award-winning André Fu Suite at the Upper House

To live life beautifully and comfortably is a luxury; and luxury living in the modern era does not equate to loud, extravagant displays of grandiose design or wealth. Instead, it lies in the exquisite details and craftsmanship that offer dwellers an elevated experience of comfort, quality and well-being, assuring them of peace of mind as they start and end each day. Indeed, aspiring to a life of joie de vivre today can be as simple as indulging in the solace of a comfortable space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Relaxed Luxury André Fu's serene and superbly understated Upper House suite - 2
A relaxing reading corner

First Impression

The newly redesigned suite perched on the 48th floor of The Upper House hotel encapsulates this sentiment, challenging the aged notion of luxury design. Endearingly named after the boutique property’s internationally acclaimed designer, Hong Kong-born architect and tastemaker André Fu, it unveils a modern sophistication that embodies the design ethos of his studio: relaxed luxury.

Step into the 1,960sq.ft suite and an immediate sense of tranquility washes over you. A soothing palette of mineral blue, dusty mink and pale ivory is illuminated by the spread of natural light that pours into the space through large windows. With breathtaking views of the Central business district and the incessant movement of Victoria Harbour as the backdrop, you feel – somewhat perversely – that life is much calmer up here.

Relaxed Luxury André Fu's serene and superbly understated Upper House suite - 3
The view of Victoria Harbour from the master suite

The refurbished suite pays homage to the longstanding partnership between Fu and The Upper House, providing a peek into the designer’s personal journey. Certainly, his work for the hotel, which opened in 2009, earned him global accolades and served as a springboard to the Cambridge University alumnus’s successful career in interior and hospitality design.

Relaxed Luxury and Modern Interiors

Along its walls run graceful brushstrokes inspired by Japanese ink wash paintings, a gallery featuring hand-sketched illustrations of Fu’s original concepts for the space, and artisan books from his own library – a charming touch any design enthusiast would appreciate. Fu describes his design as one that is not meant to “impose a lifestyle, but to enable guests to embrace their personal expression of living”.

Since the furnishings for the suite, as well as the decorative lighting and home accessories, were handpicked by the award-winning designer from his eponymous Living collection, each piece is an extension of his signature style. Fu notes: “I’m thrilled to be able to bring my own André Fu Living brand to the House as part of this new suite, and once again, I’m eager to see how guests will respond to it, whether it’s through entertaining or indulging in an urban escape.”

Relaxed Luxury André Fu's serene and superbly understated Upper House suite - 12
The expansive dining area sits 18 people with a beautiful city view in the backdrop

From the sculptural ottoman that sits by the windows underneath an evergreen, to the linear fluidity of the mid-century-inspired furniture, to the delicately garnished porcelain tableware, comfort and craftsmanship are the focus here. Exuberant lavishness is conspicuously absent, replaced by subtle richness, relaxed splendour and an understated sophistication that expresses luxury in the slightest details. As the queen of quips, celebrated fashion designer Coco Chanel said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

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Relaxed Luxury André Fu's serene and superbly understated Upper House suite - 11
The dining table sits 18 people, decorated with pieces from the André Fu’s Living collection​

The Fu Aesthetic

The André Fu Suite is both intimate and inviting. Elevating the space’s sense of privacy and comfort, the previously two-bedroom penthouse was reimagined as an oasis for two people with a penchant for parties and/or hideaways. A grand dining table seats 18, while the guest bedroom has been flipped into a dedicated spa area with twin massage beds to offer socialising and a true sense of relaxation in equal measure. The bathroom provides a unique refuge in which to cleanse off the stresses of the day. It’s a spacious, natural-toned area equipped with a bathtub à deux and boundless views of the city skyline.

Combining the refined experience of a luxury hotel with the privacy and comfort of a contemporary residence, the suite – serving as an interlude between one point and the next – affords guests a sense of home whilst away from home. Once ensconced within its walls, basking in the here and now is all that matters.

“We continue to bring our guests new and transformative experiences for which our brand has become known,” says Kristina Snaith-Lense, General Manager of The Upper House and Pacific Place Apartments. “It is only natural and a delight that we continue to work with André after all these years, incorporating elements of his brand’s sensibilities whilst maintaining the DNA of our House.”

Relaxed Luxury André Fu's serene and superbly understated Upper House suite - 4
The guest bedroom was torn down to create a dedicated spa area

The hotel is conveniently located just above Pacific Place, within sight of the epicenter of luxury shopping and dining, as well as the exhilarating nightlife that the vibrant city has to offer. Round-trip transfers in the hotel car are naturally provided to guests who reserve the suite. Whilst a night in this subtly luxurious suite costs HK$60,000, the price tag includes Champagne, breakfast for two, a 90-minute in-room wellness treatment for you and your significant other, and a gift from the André Fu Living collection.

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(Text: Roberliza Eugenio Photos: The Upper House)