Seamless Serenity: Open concept, dual layers, expansive views – this redesigned Kowloon peninsula penthouse is top draw

Modern, minimalist styling throughout a remodelled penthouse at Royal Peninsula in Hung Hom, Kowloon, reveals a masterclass in subtle extravagance. Entrusted to award- winning firm Grande Interior Design, the renovation of this 1,787-square-foot duplex apartment showcases a beautiful blend of aesthetics and practicality. Comfort merges with a unique design to epitomise sophistication and elegance.

From towering glass façades that offer awe-inspiring views to a meticulously designed floor plan that maximises space, the architectural brilliance here is captivating. High ceilings, an open-concept layout and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces create an ambience that exudes both grandeur and tranquillity.

In the open-plan living quarters, plush sofas, custom-made cabinets and carefully curated décor reflect the discerning taste of the residents while ensuring optimal comfort. The materials used are premium, the furnishings are exquisite and the artwork is stunning. An interplay of subtle colours and natural light enhances the sense of serenity.

Light shades of wood for the floor and stairs, and bright white paintwork on the walls and ceiling follow the living room into the dining space and then the kitchen area. This luminous colour palette is highlighted by functional spotlights as well as a variety of lighting features to suit different activities. An airy frame ending in black- bronze pendent lamps drops down from the ceiling towards the grey marble-topped dining table, serving to mark the division between lounging and eating.

Modular furniture crafted from natural materials adorns the living area and allows for a flexible layout. The feature wall behind the TV has display shelves for art pieces and wooden cabinets for storage. Bronze lines running vertically along the back wall give a delicate layering to the dining area.

Parallel to the dining table, the designer has added an open bar area, with a wooden counter and high stools. It delineates the open kitchen equipped with spacious cabinets and attractive appliances that make preparing meals an enjoyable experience. Dressed in white and touched with marble, this area is coherent with the living and dining spaces.

A former bedroom on this floor has been transformed into a multifunctional space by adding an upper level. The double-level design provides an area for entertaining and shared family activities below, and a guest bedroom with a private bathroom above, accessed by an internal flight of steps. It is another versatile feature of a home unhindered by boundaries.

The staircase from the lounge that leads up to the more private second storey of the penthouse blends harmoniously with the interior by disappearing into the wall after the first landing. An earthy colour scheme distinguishes the master bedroom. The bronze lines of the dining area reappear, etching the wall behind the bed, while the grey fabric wallpaper provides texture. The bed faces an expansive window that affords stirring views of the urban outdoors.

To suit the needs and lifestyle of the owners, the master suite spans a bedroom, study, walk-in closet and ensuite. A darker wood veneer creates a mature yet cosy environment. The closet is equipped with a dresser and high wardrobe to maximise storage, and the ensuite is furnished in relatively brighter tones with an abundance of glass and marble.

Adjacent to the master bedroom is their daughter’s room, where lighter earth tones evoke a more youthful ambience and textured wallpaper imparts a tranquil vibe. The ensuite here, which echoes that of the master bedroom, is accessed through a sliding door. A high wardrobe and tall mirror enhance the practicality and feeling of spaciousness in a compact closet.

The seamless flow of space and light throughout this apartment instils a sense of integration and intricacy. It is a home offering commanding views and a calming presence that makes you feel on top of the world.

Photos: Grande Interior Design

Ingrained Elegancy: Wood flows throughout this idyllic apartment in Coloane, Macau, where modern luxury meets Japanese serenity

It is no less than a wonder to create a calm sanctuary amidst one of the most buzzing neighbourhoods of Macau. A luxury apartment in Sky Oasis, just south of the Cotai Strip, achieves this ideal. Envisioned and executed by award-winning Hong Kong-based firm Max Lam Designs, it inspires an inward journey of peace and contemplation.

The location of the property is, first and foremost, ideal for occupiers who are looking for a break away from the bustling casino life that Macau is known for.

The interiors span a generous 3,000 square feet and embrace an oriental theme. Nature’s influence is evident in the different textures of stone, pebbles, granite and wood. The hues and colours used to realise these Eastern aesthetics are also evocative of nature.

macau residence

An aura of tranquillity is apparent upon setting foot in the residence. Delicate floral accents punctuate the foyer, where a large vase elegantly sits in a recess embellished with wooden slats, and soft lighting emphasises the contrasting wall finishes. A gold-thread painting by sculptor Raymond Pang is displayed by the entrance, across from an ink piece by San Chiu Yan – two of a handful of artworks specially commissioned by the design team for this project.

Expanses of warm, light-coloured wood and trellis structures feature throughout a striking décor, in which minimalism is balanced by intricate details for a modern-luxury take on traditional Japanese interior architecture. The monotony of the wooden walls, floors and ceilings is broken by the varying tones of the finishes, each casting different reflections of light from the same source.

Nature comes to the centre of the living room in a light-grey branch-patterned rug, alongside a sober sofa and two coffee tables with stone tops. The orange-tan leather seats of two armchairs with wooden frames and arms bring shots of colour to the neutral palette. At the end of the room, balcony doors open to a cosy space where a swing provides the perfect vantage point for watching the night lights of Macau.

macau residence

In the dining area, an installation of decorative wooden planks cocoons an unconventional dining table – a wooden bench flanked by a mix of wooden stools and sleek leather-upholstered chairs. Two large spherical lunar-like lamps hang above, allowing the family to enjoy well-lit meals. Framed calligraphy set at ground level provides artistic food for thought.

On the opposite side of the room stands a stone-topped, metal-framed bar counter. Illumination from underneath the bar’s wood-block base and the shelving unit behind it emits a soft, moody glow, the perfect ambience for a drink or two before dinner.

sky oasis apartment

A semi-open area adjacent to the master bedroom has been converted into a beautiful tea room replete with Chinese ink paintings and delicate teaware. The lack of windows in this part of the residence was a major design challenge neatly solved by creating this serene breathing space. The tatami floor cushions, low table and sliding door of the tea cabinet give it the feel of a true Japanese home.

The wall dividing the tea room from the living area features a curving wood installation and a ceramic vase by Ryan Hui holding a graceful ikebana.

sky oasis apartment

The master bedroom is enchantingly illuminated by indirect lighting that precisely traces the ceiling. A stone-feature wall, sakura-patterned wooden screens and a bespoke Art Deco-style vanity table are harmonious manifestations of understated elegance.

Similarly, two further bedrooms are visions of naturalistic refinement, with minimal furnishing and light design throughout. The craftsmanship of the wooden floors, walls and fittings is outstanding, effortlessly following the natural patterns of the grain. In one room, the headboard of the bed is a huge, accentuated wooden circle edged with light that appears like a sacred halo.

sky oasis apartment

Whether relaxing in the bedrooms or entertaining in the extended living area, this zen-inspired space offers an idyllic retreat from busy daily life. Through masterful design, it instils inner calm and promotes mindful reflection.

This unique residence is truly a treasured gem thanks to the stylish finishes in the extremely tranquil surroundings that is Coloane. Every little detail has been given great thought in order to produce a final product with stunning clean lines and fittings of the highest taste.

Photos: Max Lam Designs

Lush & Luxe: VILLA LUCCA elevates luxury living to a different level

VILLA LUCCA, the opulent residential development run by Hysan Development Company Limited and HKR International Limited, is located at Tai Po’s Lo Fai Road. It is situated against the majestic mountains of Pat Sin Leng with breathtaking views of the Plover Cove Reservoir and Tolo Harbour, providing homebuyers with the splendour of European-style mansions and a respite from city life.

The low-density sea view property contains a total of 262 garden houses and apartments, and each home has a saleable size of more than 1,000 square feet. Only five stories high, the apartment towers include simplex units on the top floor and the privacy is uplifted as a private lift lobby is featured in most homes. The 34 houses and two signature houses at VILLA LUCCA, which sizes vary from 3,245 to 8,030 square feet with diversified layouts for different family kinds, are also available. One of the two signature homes, 1 Villa Avenue, has a saleable area of 6,268 square feet and a unique twin house design with five bedrooms with four ensuites. The other signature house, 1 Lucca Avenue, has a saleable space of 8,030 square feet with five ensuites.


An expansive 34,000-square-foot residents’ clubhouse, Club Lucca, is undoubtedly its crowning achievement. It was created by internationally recognized interior designers from the David Collins Studio. The Club Lucca offers a wealth of regal amenities including a wine cellar, dining hall, twin-swimming pools, sporting facilities, and much more.

The clubhouse, which is teeming with vibrant foliage, was created to bring the natural beauty of its lush surroundings into the structure itself. The meticulous selection of building materials, such as the excellent marble floors and quality furnishings, as well as the use of colour combinations throughout the decor, give the overall design an air of contemporary and elegant style.

Other noteworthy amenities of the clubhouse include a nearly 42-meter-long outdoor garden pool that provides residents with an amazing opportunity to swim in the woods and an around 25-meter-long interior pool that sparkles with the Glass Ripple Shift Panel especially designed by Dutch designer Rive Roshan. The swimming pools are connected by a spiral staircase in which turquoise-colour hand-made ceramic tiles reflect vividly the sunlight with the shadows of the trees, forming a mesmerising picture with the dazzling waves of the pool.


VILLA LUCCA’s 2 Lucca Avenue has a saleable space of 5,341 square feet, a floor plan with four bedrooms (all ensuites), and a Nordic design aesthetic that blends in with the surrounding natural surroundings. The many use and objectives of the living area are specifically outlined in the design by Conrad and Partners team to suit natural and straightforward lifestyle preferences. The 7.2m-high ceiling height design is clearly visible in the foyer upon entering the home. The living, dining, and open kitchen are located on the ground floor and are surrounded by big floor-to-ceiling glass windows for maximum natural lighting and a view of the countryside outside. The front garden to the kitchen, extending all the way to the living and dining room and back garden, is about 24m-long space where the owner can host a small party for up to 20 guests.

The designer specially created the second floor as the master floor, with a total area of over 1400 sq ft master suite that includes a closet and dressing room, also in a minimalist Nordic style. A set of floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the master bedroom connects to the balcony overlooking the scenic Plover Cove Reservoir scenery.

The rooftop has an area of 963 sq feet, equipped with a large outdoor sofa for the owner to enjoy a drink with friends and family. Indeed, the whole compound of VILLA LUCCA is tailor-made for families seeking a spacious residence – a rare and prestigious find for grand mansions in the market.

Floor Show: The pull of a customised rug or three at home cannot be overestimated

Rugs are a neat way to lay down extra colour, texture and glamour in your home, effortlessly elevating the interior decoration while protecting the floor. If you welcome their uplifting warmth – both to your feet and your spirits – why not get one or more bespoke creations that will perfectly complement the size and palette of your empty spaces? Customised rugs offer endless design options, and as you step across them every day, they serve as continuous reminders that you have been part of making something beautiful and unique.

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Rug Your Life

Taking pride in converting any artwork into an alluring floor covering, Rug Your Life works from your own drawing or a painting you saw at a museum or gallery and absolutely loved. In fact, the company is best known for its rugs based on the works of 20th-century modern artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and more.

Customised rugs
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Rug Your Life 

Once the starting image has been chosen and sent to Rug Your Life, measurements, shape and cost are discussed. At this point, you will finalise the material from a range of options including wool, linen, silk and mohair. The company will also advise on the appropriate weaving technique based on your design choice and budget.

If your artwork has intricate details, Rug Your Life founder Nayla Ventura recommends going for a Tibetan knot rug as this technique allows the weaver to replicate any design down to every minute detail. This hand-knotting technique results in the softest, densest and most durable rugs. On the other hand, hand-tufted rugs are great for simple designs, take less time to be made, and are easy to maintain. The latter is also more budget-friendly:10 square feet of hand-tufted rug costs about HK$95,000 compared to HK$142,000 for hand-knotting.

Customised rugs
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Rug Your Life 

No matter the design or type of weaving, Rug Your Life creations are sustainably handmade using the finest materials. Each rug takes between six and 14 weeks to be finished, depending on the size and technique, but to add to the anticipation of its delivery to your home, you will be sent pictures twice a week of it being made.

To order, email

J&P Carpets

If you aspire to highlight your room with a luxury rug that would be right at home in a five-star hotel, then why not get customised rugs from a company that actually makes them for top hospitality groups like the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood and Shangri-La. Established in 1993 by John Yu, J&P Carpets crafts high-quality rugs using hand-tufting and the Axminster technique. The latter, a mechanical method based on traditional Oriental carpet weaving, suits large-scale projects, while hand-tufted rugs are a better fit for residences.

persian vs turkish rugs
J&P Carpets at Shangri-La Paris

J&P can custom-make rugs in any size, shape, design or colour using this technique whereby a weaver handcrafts the rug with the help of an electrical tufting gun for a faster and more affordable process. A 25-square-metre rug fashioned from 100% New Zealand wool – the most commonly chosen material – will cost about HK$23,500 and takes less than five weeks to complete.

Customised rugs made from the wool of New Zealand sheep have a smooth, warm texture, and are less prone to tearing, indenting by heavy furniture and other damage. You can also ask for your wool rug to be combined with other materials such as bamboo, bamboo silk, viscose and nylon for extra strength and durability. With good care, such rugs can last for up to 15 years; they are also easy to clean. Pure silk is another highly sought-after raw material since it delivers a supremely soft and exquisite rug that can go up to HK$300,000 for a 25-square-metre piece.

handwoven rugs

Once you have pinned down the perfect physical attributes for your rug, the design team at J&P Carpets will send you pictures of how it would look, followed by a sample so that you can get a feel of it. After you are completely satisfied with its visual and tactile features, the rug will be made and delivered to your home in just over a month.

To order, email or call or WhatsApp (852) 9139 8010

Custom Rugs

One of the go-to rug makers for interior designers and architects, Custom Rugs is also ideal for individuals who need extra assistance in getting customised rugs for their homes. Choosing the right design from the myriad of options available can be overwhelming and exhausting, so the company goes the extra mile to make decisions less burdensome. They will advise on the style, size and colour scheme that is right for your tastes and décor, and help you choose the perfect material from options including, but not limited to, silk, bamboo silk, merino wool and viscose. Browsing through their wide selection of rug designs which can be personalised serves to focus undecided minds.

handknotted rugs

Once the appearance and feel of the rug are set, Custom Rugs gives customers the option of three weaving techniques – hand-knotted, hand-tufted or hand-loomed. One advantage of hand-loomed rugs is their sleekness – there is less of a risk of tripping over a slim edge than a thick one. They are also reversible and absorb sound. For the premium weaving technique of hand-knotting, the company usually opts for the Persian method. Compared to Turkish double-loop knots, Persian single-loop knots gives a more refined weave and a higher knot count; a weaver can pack anywhere between 85 and 500-plus knots per square inch, allowing for the simplest of designs as well as the most intricate. Depending on the design and the size of the rug, it takes from six to 12 weeks to be made. A 12’ X 10’ fine Merino wool rug with an intricate design that will require 400 Persian knots per square inch can even cost HK$108,000.

To order, email or WhatsApp (852) 9822 0006

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The Ocean Within: A compact abode becomes impactful with a mural that echoes the sea and inventive use of space

A home should be as expressive as its owners. Exuding a harmonious creative energy, this tailormade apartment at The Summa in western Mid-levels speaks volumes about the family who reside here. Its soothing character is punctuated by vibrant accents, and a striking artistic statement sets the tone for imaginative living.

Though compact at 1,000 square feet, the apartment is light and bright, with clever design elements and beautiful views of the city skyline instilling a feeling of openness. The designer, Danny Chiu Interior Designs, completely changed the developer’s original floorplan, customising the available space to match the taste and individual preferences of his clients.

the summa

The result is a cosy home for a couple and their two children who rejoice in each other’s company. Its functionality has been optimised to fulfil their requirements for an apartment with a defined personality that meets the specifics of their lifestyle and storage needs. Walls were removed and relocated to create an open-plan living-cum-dining area with an adjacent kitchen and to accommodate three bedrooms plus the maid’s room and three bathrooms – a feat of design ingenuity considering its modest measurements.

The décor was redesigned with an emphasis on art, colour and lighting effects. A tasteful blend of hues and textures, the interior palette brings a sense of opulence to a rather small space. Natural materials like pale wood for the floor complement the aesthetic wallpaper and ombré lighting. The focus was to inject the living space with an artistic expression, using a smart combination of both white and exuberant colours and carefully curated ambient lighting.

the summa

The highlight of the living area is an impressive oil painting patterned like the ocean that frames the far wall of windows – it spans the length of the ceiling in front of the windows and spreads down one of the adjacent walls, where it serves as the backdrop for a giant TV screen. On the opposite wall, above the sofa constructed on a pedestal, the artwork appears again in a three-panel design. Studded with lamps and paired with the layering of the walls, this extensive canvas lends an out-of-ordinary experience when first stepping into the home.

Danny Chiu Interior Designs

To contrast with and emphasise the mural, two similar yet varying shades of white decorate the communal space – pale white for the walls of the dining area and a grey-white hue to create a cooler ambience in the living area. A seamless row of custom-made fitted cabinets opposite the dining table is edged by vertical lighting, further brightening the dining area for enjoyable meals and family time.

The living area opens onto a small balcony where one can step out to get some air and enjoy the glowing lights from the city’s major landmarks at night. The dining area also has access to its own balcony, with the option to draw close or open the grey velvet curtains that serve as a regal backdrop to the table.

A narrow hall leads to the more private space of the apartment. At the end is the master suite, while the children’s bedroom and the guest room are opposite one another, with separate bathrooms for each situated side by side further along. In a master stroke to boost the size and storage area of the bedrooms from the original floorplan, the family’s two children enjoy a larger shared space that also allows for privacy. Vibrant colours and playful elements create an inspiring, cheerful environment for creative young minds to grow happily together.

Danny Chiu Interior Designs

The reconfiguration enables each child to have their own walk-in closet, their own desk set beside the window and their own sleeping quarters, which is raised above the floor and accessed by separate sets of stairs. The defining feature here is an archshaped installation of bright interwoven fabric that reminds of a tent. Covering the far wall above the window, it not only draws the two halves of the room together but also becomes the dominant element, filling the room with joyful colour and the spirit of adventure.

home makeover

The master bedroom is, unconventionally, relatively small, but it serves as a functional yet welcoming space for the couple to enjoy some respite from their busy lives. Its wide bay windows offer a vast view of the Hong Kong cityscape and waterfront. The interior is kept minimal and the palette is more solemn here than elsewhere, though a feature wall exhibiting a similar artwork to that in the living room adds splashes of colour and a restful vibe.

A true reflection of the personality of its dwellers, this characterful abode abounds with vibrant colours and vivid themes amid expanses of white. Its distinctive features and creative design make it not only an inviting living space for the family but also an intriguing showpiece for guests.

Sanctuary Synergy- A residential retreat on the south side of Hong Kong Island

To establish your home as a sanctuary, somewhere far from the bustle of the city in the heart of nature, is an unattainable dream for all but a lucky few. Arguably, anyone fortunate enough to reside in one residence on the Southside of Hong Kong Island could tick off that particular aspiration.

Ideally suited to the needs of a young family of four or so, it is a home in perfect harmony with the green hills and mountains that surround it. Conceived and designed by Andy Wan, the founder of Pure AW’s Designers, an award-winning Wan Chai based design consultancy, his work focused on a fundamental reimagining of an existing structure and its tactical reengineering to meet the needs and values of its new owners.

The reinvented residence now majors on clear open spaces, as well as wide apertures that provide a sense of immense roominess, an attribute accentuated by the ample natural light that permeates throughout. Overall, the interior has been sensitively configured to resemble the external natural landscape, complete with colours and textures that synergistically deliver a blend of the indoors and the outdoors. Throughout, such timeless materials as stone, timber and plaster adorn the walls and ceilings, while the oak flooring is redolent of eternal freshness. This is further counterpointed by the walnut furniture, a soft contrast with the light grey, white and sandy tone of much of the interior space.

The inner recesses of this spacious home, meanwhile, are a creative blend of western and eastern aesthetics, albeit with oriental furnishings, a modern layout and smart integrated systems. An additional 1,956 square feet of space, part of a low-rise unit, beautifully expands the ground floor, with the extra space providing a surfeit of room for family gatherings or hosting guests both formally and informally. Accommodating the family’s love of socialising and congregating, this communal space boasts a paired living and dining function, while breathtaking views of the external garden areas are available throughout.

The garden is notable for the highly aesthetic nature of its immaculately conceived landscaping, which comprises lush green lawns, artfully coiffured hedges and an array of exotic arboreal items, all framed by the verdant surrounding slopes. Within this green oasis is a purpose-built space for leisurely reclining, a swing and a capacious table set for impromptu or, when required, formal dining.

In addition to this, a variety of differently proportioned planters, a testament to the residents’ love of horticulture, have been distributed throughout the ground. On a more practical note, meanwhile, considerable care has clearly gone into ensuring the durability of the alfresco assets of the property, as well as ensuring they all have suitable insect-resistant properties.

Moving back within the property, the creative preferences of the owners are writ large courtesy of the generously proportioned, vividly coloured artworks that adorn many of the walls, together with the substantial sculptures and occasional pieces that brighten every nook. The creativity of a different kind is also catered to via the giant piano that dominates the foyer space.

Separating this lobby area from the inner living and dining spaces is a gently unobtrusive stepped arrangement, giving arrivals the time to take in the large, circular Chinese prosperity motifs that bedeck many of the connecting doors. This classic feel is sustained via the array of vintage Greco-Buddhist sculptures dispersed throughout the communal spaces.

One of the major specifications in the agreed design brief was the requirement to maximise storage space without obstructing the views or taking up too much wall acreage. In order to deliver on this, many of the existing inner walls were demolished to create a space that was both more connected and more open. One constraint was that many of the existing beams were set relatively low and could not be removed without risking structural instability, a consideration that saw the whole of the new look conceived to incorporate and forefront these original fixtures.

This finalised, reimagined layout comprises a master suite with a walk-in closet, two rooms for children, a guest bathroom and a detached, semi-private study room in one of the more remote wings of the house. In addition, the spacious living room adjoins the capacious dining area and offers views out across the wellmaintained garden area, The kitchen, maid and utility areas, meanwhile, are all discretely tucked into one bespoke distinct functional space.

Unlike the standard practice in many other contemporary homes, the kitchen space is notably enclosed, while featuring a centrally accessible island, ample preparation space and considerable storage resources. By contrast, the principal dining area is far more open, and extendable, if required, into the adjoining garden space. In addition to the requisite dining table and accompanying chairs, a wine cabinet, display racks and a sliding façade have all also been engagingly integrated.

All in all, this is one home that undeniably offers all the various necessities required for a truly satisfying and contemporary lifestyle, including a smart security system and a level of functionality that never conflicts with the overall aesthetic. It’s an intelligently arranged space and a testament both to the ingenuity of the designer and the thoughtfulness of the initial brief.


(Text: Zaira Abbas Photos: Pure AW’s Designs)

7 Home Décor Ideas to Follow this Autumn

The -ber months are knocking at the door harbinger the beautiful transition of nature seasonal changes. While evergreens transform from fresh greens to rustic oranges and deep reds, the cooler weather calls for more comfortable spaces to lounge in, prompting our inner creative sides to elevate our abodes to reflect the beautiful autumn landscapes. Here are 5 home décor ideas to spruce up your spaces with a warmer and enchanting ambiance. 

1. Light up your home with candles

Candles are a fantastic decorative element, they can complement your existing décor when placed in front or on side of paintings, vases, lamps or sculptures creating magical shadows and silhouettes. Dress up your home by adding a variety of candles on shelves and mantle pieces. You can place them on tall candle stands of different heights or in glass lanterns to give a more vintage vibe. Scented candles with flavours of maple leaves, clove, cinnamon, apple or lavender are perfect to make your home even smell like autumn. 

2. Celebrate the changing colors

Adding more warm colors to your space will instantly create an autumnal theme. Fluff up some orange, red and dark brown pillows for your bedroom and cushions for your living room. Choose blankets and throws of similar colors to drape over your sofas, couches or carpets. These will serve as accessories to your existing furniture without you having to make big changes and replacing your current possessions.

3. Follow up the fall foliage

When you think of autumn you can’t help but think of leaves, either fallen or dancing in the breeze. To give the home a touch of fall ambiance, place decorative plants around the room, leaves in bowls or perennial planter boxes in corners on the wall or sitting atop window sills. Common Ivy, Hydrangea, cactus, maple and oxalis and excellent choices are great choices for indoor plants that will last longer through the autumn season. 

4. Hang in some vines, wreaths and fairy lights.

If you find plants to be high maintenance, you can use artificial vines and wreathes made up of flowers, leaves, pines and pumpkins to decorate your walls, doors and curtains. You can use them in combination with fairy lights that can light them up giving a festive feel and warmth.  Bookshelves look more appealing with fairy lights and vines, making your reading corner into a dreamy cozy space to find comfort in.

5. Adding warmth to outdoor spaces

Photo courtesy of Zzue Creation

Just because it’s cooler out, doesn’t mean you have to keep from the outside. Give your outdoor spaces some love by furnishing it will autumn tones and rustic textures to add some warmth and cosiness to your balcony, terraces and patio. Woven textures like rattan are a good choice, such as Barlow Tyrie’s “Cocoon” seating system, from its 2022 outdoor collection.  Its strong aluminum frame and soft plush cushions come in a set of 2 deep seated armchairs and a 3-seater sofa, available at Zzue Creationprovides the perfectly comfortable gathering spot on a breezy autumn evening.

6. Pump it up with Pumpkins

Pumpkins often go hand-in-hand with the autumn season. And with Halloween just around the corner, what better way to enrich your living space with the many  colours and variety this auburn squash can offer. Real or faux, pumpkins can be used as dining table centerpieces, and decorative ornaments on kitchen. Pumpkin scents also adds a romantic touch to the space thanks to its sweet and spice scent. Scented candles from Diptyque and Maison Francis Kurkdijian perfects these aromas very well.


(Text: Zaira Abbas)

Roche Bobois’ Autumn-Winter 2022 redefines living with Covid

Pursuing creativity is often a courageous endeavour to achieve something nobody has ever done – to cross boundaries and limitations to create something wholly unique. And for French luxury home interior retailer Roche Bobois, creativity was never an area which it had shied away from. 

For its Autumn-Winter 2022 collection, it redefines living at home, inspired by the way Covid-19 had shifted how people experienced living at home. With different interpretations and new perspectives, Roche Bobois leads into the new season with brand new contemporary designs that transform how we experience our home. 


Particularly the Polygonia by Giacomo Garziano, an exceptionally designed sideboard made of four units – two opened with butterfly doors and two with flap doors. Its design, an inspiration from the Amazonian butterfly Polygonia Zephus, is a striking sculptural piece made of plain or metallic lacquered polyurethane. A uniquely inspiring and limited 55-piece, it engages the mind with creativity and imagination – perfectly striking to the eye and intriguing to the senses, like art. 


Meanwhile, the Blogger 3 by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni is a cain fabric upholstered sofa, complete with foam-filled padded seats and supported on a solid fir wood and pine wood structure. At the heart of its creative process, attention to detail, meticulous finishes and masterful craftsmanship were always the focus. Boasting a clever mix of ’70s and ’00s era, its modern design gives way for its rounded curved lines, soft tufting and sumptuous cream tone to encapsulate a soft, comfortable, timeless and relaxed aesthetic and experience. 


For more information, please visit

A tour a round a sublime 1800 square-feet home in St. Mortiz

Envisioning a home with seamless elegance and then manifesting perfection in every inch of its space is a feat that proves a challenge for many. One such example where the designers have been able to achieve this, is a home nestled in the St. Mortiz complex, named after the Swiss alpine resort town of its namesake.


Located in the idyllic neighbourhood of Kau To Shan, the unit is an embodiment of minimalist design, making room for inspiration and the refined taste of its owners’ to stand out, while showcasing the panaromic views of the home’s surrounding landscape and natural beauty, courtesy of the unit’s cleverly placed floor-to-ceiling windows.

To realise the client’s dream home, Mary Cheung, art director for Grande Interior Design, has thoughtfully planned this duplex house with comfort and functionality in mind, while the aesthetics follow a soft theme through tastefully muted colours and reflective surfaces. Occupying a generous 1800 sq ft, the space lets in plenty of natural light, making the rooms appear even more spacious. White and beige being the dominant colours in the palette, the frames of windows, ceiling, cabinets, balustrade and mirrors are kept darker to create a contrast and engender a more stylish, sharper look.

home-tour-stMortiz-kautoshan-grande-interior-design-gafencu-hongkong (2)

Cavernous Creation
Stepping inside the capacious foyer, one can’t help but notice an artisan brown glass chandelier hanging through a recessed opening in the ceiling. The entrance is highlighted with a glass mirror and metal featured on the pure white wall making it a focal point. One side of the area has a small storage space that blends in with the walls, tastefully done to match the mix of colours. Just next to these slender storage cabinets is a dusky framed glass screen, separating the stairs from the foyer and maintaining privacy.

home-tour-stMortiz-kautoshan-grande-interior-design-gafencu-hongkong (6)

Moving further along is a cavernous living room, which incorporates an adjoining dining area and bar at the far end. The edges of the ceiling, cabinets and shelves in between are curved and refined for a smoother impression of the minimalist design. To fit the theme of a flowing style, the carpet, table tops and a feature wall peeking underneath the cabinets, all have a marble pattern. Nothing in the room is too linear and direct, even the sculptures and art pieces are round and curvy. Simplicity and minimalist design is evident in every nook and corner of the house, but the aesthetics and exquisiteness are never compromised.

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Tranquil Ambience
A long ice-white carpet flows through the living room to the dining area so as to unify both spaces into one, looking like a fluid reflection of the white ceiling above. The lush green trees and hills outside feel like an extension of the living room because of their unobstructed views through the amply proportioned windows. The soothing sense of freshness is tangible here, making it a perfect place for a chill afternoon in solitude or to enjoy a hearty meal with friends and family.

The discerning layout of both floors distinguishes them in their functionality and visual appeal. While the ground floor is more of an open space, the floor above is more spatially constrained – private and measured – giving each bedroom and the multipurpose bedroom their own ambiance.

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A characteristic feature of the dining area is a sophisticated floral-shaped pendant light hanging above the dining table, creating a dynamic visual effect. The placement is such that it marks the centre of the overall ceiling making it a chief feature of the entire space. The reformed open kitchen island next to the dining area is an ideal place to prepare meals while looking out the window at the natural world beyond.

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The elegant wooden winder stairs from the living room take you to the floor above and lead to a versatile area nestled between the two bedrooms. As the home was renovated for a couple with a grown daughter, the designer turned two small guestrooms into one multipurpose room which now serves both as an area for family gathering and as a guest room when friends come over. It can be closed and opened through a sliding door depending on the occasion – either becoming part of the hallway or a private space to read or meditate.

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Sleep Sanctuary
The master bedroom exudes elegance with its earth tone palette and beige combinations. The décor is classic yet minimalist, giving the room a monochromatic feel with subtle light contrasts The bedroom’s cosy mood invites one to unwind and relax, offering a sanctuary to forget worries and connect with one’s own deeper essence. The storage space in the room is only for the essentials and the dresser table is extending towards the cabinet – giving it all a sense of movement and purpose. The master bedroom also features a balcony for its fortunate dweller to bask in the verdant views beyond, surrounded by fresh air with a soothing cup of hot brew in hand.


The second bedroom has an independent walk-in closet with a translucent sliding door, allowing the space to be suitable for both study and work. The desk adjoining the wardrobe has a generous view of the green outdoors making it a space that inspires creativity and drives imagination. The glass sphere shaped pendants on the side tables and the stone textured headboard establish this room as the epitome of opulence.


(Text: Zaira Abbas; Photos: St. Mortiz)

ONSEN Outdoor Furniture: A matrimony of nature and design

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